What is the Average Cost of a House Clearance?

Manchester house clearances services offer an invaluable service that can help clear away clutter and free up space in your home. In addition, they can donate unwanted items to charity shops while disposing of waste responsibly.

If you possess any valuable or resalable items, be sure to inform company representatives. They could be able to offer discounts or even buy them back from you!

Costs depend on the size of the property

House clearance services provide an effective means of removals away an unsightly property of clutter. Whether it’s time to relocate, or you need to dispose of trash left by previous tenants, a professional company can complete their work quickly and safely.

However, the cost of clearances varies based on several factors; including property size and type. Some companies charge extra to remove certain items like TVs or refrigerator freezers from properties.

As part of your house clearance job, it is also a wise idea to obtain quotes from at least two house clearance companies so you can compare prices. If you are uncertain as to what items need to be removed, be sure to alert any company representatives to anything of value (tip: use post it notes with items you would like kept), this will save time in the long run.

Costs vary by region

House clearance services provide an invaluable service that removes all unwanted items from your home, which could include those left behind after moving house or the death of a relative. Some items might be sold, while others can be donated directly to charities. If you’re uncertain how much a clearance will cost, it is a good idea to request quotes from several providers before making your decision.

Quotes should take into account the size and nature of your property as well as how much waste will be created, including VAT. Some house clearance firms charge by volume while others may use weight or flat fees; some even provide free consultation to assess your needs.

Your best option when hiring a company to clear your home of clutter should be hiring one with good credentials, as fly-tipping can result in fines. Reputable firms will recycle as much rubbish as possible while disposing of it according to environmental laws; any valuable items will also be donated or sold as soon as possible.

Costs depend on the amount of waste

House clearance costs vary based on the volume and type of waste removed from a property, since different kinds of garbage require disposal in different ways. Some companies recycle scrap metal and plastics while others dispose of hazardous material in an authorized landfill; as these items could damage the environment if left at random sites.

House clearance costs depend heavily on where the property is situated in the UK. Different regions charge differently, as do their tradesperson rates; some companies charge by volume while others have agreed on flat fees for service providers.

Clearance costs depend heavily on resale value of items sold back. If they can sell high-value goods for enough profit to offset or even repay you for their costs of clearance.

Costs depend on the type of clearance

House clearance that involves lifting or moving large objects such as pianos or kitchens will cost more than simple clear out. Manual labour costs money and these services typically involve hiring professional tradespersons.

Other elements that impact house clearance prices include the type and severity of waste produced. You should also factor in time spent doing the work – for instance, clearing an entire large house may take eight to 14 hours with two or three people working together on it.


House clearance companies typically donate unwanted yet resalable items to charity shops for sale and work closely with local authorities to dispose of electrical goods in accordance with waste disposal regulations. They may charge extra fees to recycle certain white appliances – known as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), these should also be included in your quote.

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