What Is That You Need To Know About Court-ordered Paternity DNA Tests

A paternity test is life-saving for many who are undergoing emotional turmoil regarding their relationship with their child. Though there are options like an at-home paternity DNA test that can give you the results without having to worry about any outsider’s involvement but is not accepted legally. Legal paternity testing will always need the involvement of a proper medical setting.

PaternityUSA paternity test can provide you with a 99.9% accurate result. Here they use a 24-marker DNA test which is far more accurate with the results than the 16-marker DNA test which most companies provide. Their lab is one of the largest, most reputable and most trusted ones in the USA.

What is the difference between a paternity test for court and a self-ordered paternity test for legal purpose?

Paternity Court-ordered test: This DNA test is demanded by the court to prove paternity when the parents of the kids are not married or are having some dispute. In this case, the Cheek-Swab DNA sample is collected from both the parties in the court itself, in the lawyer’s office or in the clinic. The results will be notified within 4-6 weeks in the court itself.

In the court-admissible DNA test, the court may also request other documents like birth certificates, marriage proof or any other court orders. So you need to be prepared for all this too.

Self-ordered legal DNA test: Some parents can order a legal paternity test. It is then used by them as evidence to be presented in court when required. But it to be court-permissible, a chain of custody needs to be followed along with a proper DNA collection done in front of a third party as a witness. Here the result is ready within 1 to 2 days once the sample is ready.

Why is an online paternity test or self-done DNA test not accepted by the court?

In the court-ordered test, there is a process that includes a strict chain of custody from the DNA collection to sending the samples to the lab. Thus, there is no chance of anyone tampering with the samples or the results, but in case of self-ordered one, any of the participants may commit fraud like submitting someone else’s DNA. Thus, the results cannot be said to be accurate. Thus, such tests are not accepted by the court.

What are the reasons to conduct the court-ordered DNA test?

There are various reasons to conduct this DNA test:

  • For child custody: If the parents are married then the man is presumed to be the father of the kid. If they are divorced or when there is a dispute where the man is doubtful about him being the father then the court orders a DNA test for the legal right of the child.
  • It can be useful in case of inheritance rights
  • In case of social security or life insurance benefits, the beneficiary may need to submit proof of paternity.
  • If the child is adopted and the child needs to find relationship info for any reasons like immigration, inheritance, social security etc.

To conclude, it always depends on an individual whether they want this test done for their peace of mind or for some legal reasons. Choose the method accordingly.

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