Rick Simpson has a mission in life: to spread the word about the healing properties of cannabis and to educate anyone who listens. He is the creator of the now-famous Simpson Oil, and thanks to his dedication, many people are now receiving effective cannabis treatment.


Before achieving some fame, Rick Simpson did not work in the cannabis business and he was not a doctor. It wasn’t until he had a terrible accident that he started researching the potential benefits of cannabis. This accident was perhaps a blessing because it is what caused the cascading discoveries.

It was in 1997 that Simpson had an accident. He worked as an engineer in a hospital, and he covered the asbestos in the boiler room pipes with reinforced tape. He used a powerful glue spray that, in a poorly ventilated space, can cause temporary shock to the nervous system if inhaled. Unfortunately for Rick, that’s exactly what happened.

The fumes he inhaled knocked him unconscious, he fell off his ladder and hit his head. Rick woke up in the position he had fallen in, and he had to slowly walk back to his office to call for help. One of his colleagues eventually found him, in his vulnerable state, and quickly brought him to the emergency room. Read the entire article for further details where to buy rick simpson oil?


After seeing a documentary about the promising properties of cannabis, Rick asked his doctor if he could give it a try, but the doctor refused. Rick took matters into his own hands and got some for himself. He found it revolutionary, improving his situation far better than anything he had tried so far. He told his doctor about it, who continued to refuse to go down this path. The doctor told him that the oil would be the most medicinal way to consume it, if he really wanted to, but he wouldn’t have legal access to it. Shortly after, doctors told Rick they had exhausted all avenues of treatment and he was now on his own.

Being abandoned, Rick also ditched prescription drugs and turned exclusively to cannabis oil, which he produced himself. He wasn’t sure what exactly he hoped for in cannabis, but after a few months the tinnitus had diminished to bearable levels, the pain was greatly reduced and his blood pressure was normal, exceeding his wildest expectations.


A few years later, Rick asks his doctor to analyze three suspicious bumps on his arm. The doctor tells her they look like tumors, cuts one out and sends her for a biopsy. Later, while examining the wound, Rick remembered a study he had heard about many years before, a study that claimed cannabis could cure cancer. With nothing to lose, Rick applied cannabis oil to his skin and covered the bumps with bandages. Only 4 days later the suspicious lumps were gone, Rick had just been cured of his skin cancer. Of course, the doctor didn’t want to take part in any of this.

This was the start of Rick’s adventure as a cannabis healer. He started out on a small scale, treating people with topical application for similar skin conditions. Once the effect was proven, it passed to a patient who suffered from melanoma and glaucoma. He was the first person besides Rick to ingest the remedy, and it worked: his cancer healed and his other symptoms were relieved. Soon, Rick began to treat more cancer patients, and the story of his successes spread. This is how the remedy known as Rick Simpson Oil was born. Since then, Rick has become a true pillar of the cannabis community, campaigning for its use and educating anyone who would listen.


Both derived from cannabis, these cannabis concentrates are easily confused. Fundamentally different by composition, here are the key differences. A Rick Simpson documentary made his cannabis oil world-famous for its healing powers. In Rick’s case, it helped him cure his cancer. While the healing power of cannabis is vigorously debated in all academic circles, what is this famous to buy rick simpson oil (RSO) really and what is the difference with?

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) oil also available?

Since the two oils are both based on cannabis, it would be easy to imagine that they do the same thing. A similar name and similarity in appearance can easily lead to confusion, it is only by looking into the cannabinoids they contain that we can begin to see the differences between these two oils.


Let’s start with the global superstar. Made famous for its ability to cure Rick’s cancer, this oil has benefited from many consumer testimonials on its website, testimonials claiming a similar healing power: helps beat cancer, manage seizure disorders as well as other diseases deadly. With such healing power, what is RSO really? Derived from the cannabis plant, The rso oil for sale is available on different store and it is a form of cannabis concentrate in which the cannabinoids of cannabis are separated from the plant materials.

What makes CBD RSO different is the actual cannabinoid content. RSO is described as a full-spectrum extract that contains, well, a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. Depending on the variety used, it can have a THC content between 50-60% and a CBD level between 10-15%. Rick claims that it is this THC that helps in the fight against these serious diseases, but it is also this THC that greatly differentiates this oil from its CBD sister. The psychoactive properties of THC have made it illegal in most countries and therefore it is the main obstacle to more recognized and detailed research on the benefits of RSO, often making it impossible to obtain the necessary licenses or permits. to his study.


While RSO is primarily produced from cannabis strains, known for their relaxing effects, CBD oil is produced from hemp, another form of cannabis. Still being a cannabis concentrate, it is the base material of CBD oil that gives it its most fundamental difference. Hemp produces fewer flowers, which are smaller while producing high amounts of CBD and negligible amounts of THC. As it has no psychoactive elements, CBD oil does not cause any “high” effects and is therefore widely available and “legal” in many countries. Like RSO, CBD has been used by consumers to help manage chronic ailments and pain, but CBD is medically backed by several studies.

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