What Is Certified Halal Food? 2 Best Certified Halal Food Restaurants In Ca

Certified halal food is mainstream in the food industry because of its rapidly increasing demand among people. The demand for certified halal food is not only by Muslims but also by non-Muslims because of its unlimited healthy effects on the body and animal friendly. Today we are here to discuss what halal food is and who are the two best halal food restaurants that we have to try in California.

What is certified halal food?

Halal foods are that food that is permissible according to Islamic law that is to keep in mind halal guidelines. According to Islamic law, Halal meat is slaughtered in a specific way. A sharp knife is used to make an incision at the front of the throat, oesophagus and jugular vein. During slaughter head of the animal is aligned toward Kaaba in Mecca and recites Tasmia and Takbeer, and a Muslim man only does the slaughter process. The animal that is died due to any circumstances or distressing condition is haram and is not allowed to eat. 

2 of the best halal-certified food restaurants in California

Halal food is in demand nowadays, whether it is for Muslims or non-Muslims, because of its outstanding health benefits. To satisfy the cravings of many halal food lovers, let’s discuss 2 of the best halal food restaurants in California are:

Crimson Coward

Crimson Coward is one of the best halal food restaurants in California. If you are a spice lover and love to eat healthy and spicy halal Nashville Hot Chicken, then Crimson Coward is a must-try place. You won’t only get hot chicken but also get a variety of hot and sizzling fried chicken, sandwiches, joy-eat fries, sides and extras. Food available at Crimson Coward is more delicious and tasteful than any other restaurant because all ingredients are certified halal, fresh and made of high-quality products.

Big Al’s Pizzeria 

The second top most halal food providers are Big Al’s pizzeria, and the pr people who love pizza the most won’t forget to taste their food. Halal Pizza is in high demand, and everyone wants to eat deliciously, tasteful and delectable pizza. Big Al’s pizzeria keeps in mind all the demands of such people by providing the best pizza that is made from certified halal, fresh and high-quality ingredients. You can also get oven-baked wings, desserts, subs and various drinks. Don’t be bored with the menu because you can choose from different toppings and sauces in your personal servings. 


After knowing the importance of certified halal zabiha food, you won’t miss the chance to visit Crimson Coward and Big Al’s pizzeria. Both are the best places with the most flavorful and tasteful food to serve their clients with exceptional dine-in and home delivery options. You will not only enjoy food, but the environment available to eat food is also worth the cost. Don’t waste time and visit these two of California’s best halal food restaurants.

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