What is Car Wrap Advertising? Everything You Need to Know

Modern marketing and advertising campaigns are getting more and more creative each and every year. Some of the new focal points for modern advertising professionals include mobility, brand exposure, and consumer awareness. This is how car-wrapping and mobile billboards came about. 

In order to increase the mobility and potential exposure that a brand receives, they can take to the streets by engaging in a specific type of transit marketing that involves car-wrapping. In general, the concept behind car wrapping is meant to turn any consumer vehicle and turn it into a powerful transit marketing tool. 

Here’s everything you’ll need to know whether you’re just curious about car-wraps and mobile billboards or if you’re actually considering incorporating car wrap advertising into your brands overall marketing and advertising strategy, 

What is Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is a concept of advertising and marketing that generally focuses on areas of public transportation. As such, transit advertising is typically successful and popular in major metropolitan areas and big cities. This is because these cities are much more likely to have a robust public transportation network, and are therefore much more heavily trafficked than areas with smaller populations and smaller in size in general. 

There are many different forms of transit advertising including bus-station marketing, utilizing subway stations, and even actual railroad train stops. Car-wrapping and mobile billboard advertising is another form of transit advertising, even though it doesn’t always involve public transportation. 

The Concept of a Mobile Billboard

A mobile billboard is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than paying for a billboard that stands still in a single location in hopes that commuters, drivers, and those just passing by will take notice, a mobile billboard travels the streets, actively gaining the attention of other drivers and commuters. 


However, many mobile billboards that are actually designed as billboards can be bulky, clunky, and fairly hard to maneuver. This is why car-wrapping has become such a popular alternative, while achieving the same goal.

With car and vehicle wraps, brands can avoid the purchase of special mobile-billboards, and can empower any consumer who wants to run a side-hustle with a little bit of marketing work. 

Vehicle Wraps in General

Vehicle wraps can be used on anything from a city bus to a regular consumer vehicle, and they can vary in size and complexity as well. Depending on the amount of work and detail put into the wrap, a driver may be compensated more for the initial design work. 

However, most car wraps actually provide a little bit of protection to the vehicle, offering the driver a bit of a benefit as well. After the wrap is added to the body of the car the driver can simply hit the streets and get compensated for their mobile advertising efforts. 

The Cost of Car Wrapping

The cost of car-wrapping varies and depends on a spectrum of different factors. This is because the size of the wrap can differ drastically from one vehicle to another, or even one design to another. 

Not only that, but again, some car wrap designs are much more complex and involved, which could increase the cost of the wrap. No matter what the design, though, the driver and the business both benefit. The driver from a little extra spending cash in their pocket each month and the organization from additional marketing and any business that it delivers. 

Other Benefits of Car Wrap Advertising

There are lots of benefits to car-wrapping for businesses who are looking to get creative with how they approach their marketing strategy. For starters, and as mentioned above, car-wrapping is a fairly cost-effective solution for marketing and advertising professionals. 

Not only that, but because the car is out on the streets pulling the attention of commuters, pedestrians, and other drivers, it also helps increase and improve brand awareness in that immediate region. This can be good for driving up local-sales and establishing a brand-identity with the local community. 

Yet another benefit to car-wrap advertising is how easily interchangeable the wraps are. It isn’t very labor-intensive to switch out one vehicle wrap for another, which is another piece of good news for brands and businesses alike. 

A few Final Words

Car-wrap advertising is just one marketing tactic that modern day organizations can fold into their overall marketing, growth, and advertising strategy. It’s a great way to empower consumers, increase brand awareness and exposure in a specific region, and can offer consumers a creative and unique experience when they see your brand’s car-wraps out there on the streets. 

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