What Is A Custom Award – A Step-by-Step Guide

An award is often more than just a piece of recognition. It can be the culmination of an entire year’s worth of hard work and dedication from your employees. If you have been searching for ways to reward your employees for their efforts this year, you may want to look into custom awards as a solution.

What is a custom award?

A custom award is a tangible token that is given by managers to their employees in recognition of exceptional performance or service above and beyond the call of duty. Employee recognition programs are gaining traction among businesses with 92% reporting that they intend to implement employee recognition programs within the next 12 months. Employees are increasingly looking for ways to gain recognition for their hard work, loyalty and dedication. In the fast-paced, digital world, it can be difficult for managers to find the right balance between formal recognition and informal recognition.

How to create a custom award for your employee program

A custom award is one feature of a larger employee recognition program that helps to create a culture of appreciation throughout your company. To make it easier to get started, we recommend following these steps. First, understand the goals of your employee recognition program and the types of custom awards that are most effective for achieving those goals. Next, identify the types of employees who benefit from your program and consider the types of custom awards that align with each individual’s strengths. For example, if your employees are creative and inventive, you may want to consider creative and inventive custom awards. Once you have identified the types of custom awards that fit best with your employees, next, select the right custom award theme for your company and create a custom award catalog to help your managers choose the right custom awards for their employees.

How to design an award for your program

Now that you understand and have the basics down, next, you’ll be ready to design the awards that your employees will receive. Select an award design template – Award design templates can help you to quickly create award designs and build a library of award designs to use with your program. When choosing an award design template, you’ll want to consider what types of custom awards are most effective for your company’s goals and culture. Once you have chosen a design template, you can begin designing your awards. Focus on the design elements – The design elements of an award are what make it unique and memorable. These are the areas that you’ll want to focus on when designing awards. Select a design element that represents the core values of your company, the strengths of your employees, or the results of their hard work. Review award design templates – As you are designing awards, be sure to also select examples of award designs that best represent your company and the types of custom awards that you want to incorporate. This can help to ensure that your awards are as specific to your needs as possible. Once you have selected award designs, you can also use these as references when creating your own designs. It is also a good idea to create a design gallery so that your managers can easily search and preview award designs.

Different types of custom awards

– Designed-For-Estate – Designed-for-Estate awards create a lasting impression and are ideal for recognition of salespeople or other employees who have made significant sales or other transactions. These types of custom awards are often created as a customized estate sale with the recipient’s name and signature engraved on the item. This is a more formal type of custom award, and may be a good choice for your program if you have employees who regularly make significant sales. – Personalized Throwback – Customized throwback awards are a fun and creative way for managers to recognize their employees. These types of custom awards can be created from any theme and usually feature a vintage-style design that is personalized with the recipient’s name and signature. They are a great choice for your employee recognition program if you want to incorporate a little nostalgia into your program while still keeping it modern and fresh. – Customized Personalization – Customized personalization awards are a great way to incorporate a little personality into your awards.


Usually, these types of custom awards are created with a custom logo and title that are personalized with the recipient’s name and signature. They are a great choice for your employee recognition program if you want to make your awards more personal and unique to your company. – Customized Corporate Gifts – Corporate gifts are a great way to create a custom gift that employees can hopefully use or display in their offices. Many corporate gift options are designed for a variety of different business environments and often come in a variety of different designs. Corporate gifts are a great way to make your custom awards more practical.

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