What Happens If I’m injured on the Job Site?

Having a place to work is a privilege, and allowing going to work is an excellent livelihood. However, it becomes challenging to maintain and remain within the working environment when injured on the work site.

Knowing which steps to take after experiencing a severe injury on the job site becomes difficult. There could be many questions on how to pay medical bills, the challenges of resuming work, the pain and discomfort associated with the injury, and the loss of income.

It is even more complicated if the employer doesn’t carry out the workers’ comp insurance cover. Below we will look at what happens when injured on the job site.

File For a Workers’ Compensation Claim

You may recover work compensation from your employer if injured on the jobsite. Mostly it’s recommended that the employee files a workers’ compensation claim for the work position.

However, to benefit from the workers’ compensation, you must prove evidence of being injured on the job. The workers’ compensation allows the worker to receive monetary funds that help pay medical bills and sustain you while you take time off to nurse the injuries.

To file for a compensation claim, the injured worker must tell his employer about the injuries then the employer files for a company accident claim that enables the processing of the workers’ compensation claim. The compensation covers income lost and medical treatments.

Seek Medical Treatment

The nature of the injury on the job site determines the level of medical treatment that you should seek. In case of severe injuries requiring emergency treatment,   the worker should call for an ambulance and head to the nearest hospital to evaluate the depth of the damages.

Seeking medical treatment allows you to have a medical record that enables you to obtain the benefits within the workers’ compensation plan and other types of uses. Also, evaluation from the medical treatment allows the employer to know the nature of the sustained injuries and for how long the worker will be out of work.

Return To Work

If you have sustained injuries on the job site and have recovered from the pain and discomfort, you have the right to return to work. When nursing injuries, the employer doesn’t have the right to fire or let you go for taking time off to heal the wounds.

However, if such events happen, you have the right to file claims against the employer for the wrongdoing action against you. In addition, if you experience unfair treatment while filing a workers’ compensation claim, you have the right to seek a lawyer to help you file a retaliation claim against your employer.


Knowing which steps to take and what to do when met with an injury on the job site is essential. When faced with severe injuries during work sites, ensure that you file for worker’s compensation claims to receive monetary assistance that will enable you to pay medical bills and sustain you while out of work.

If you have these injuries, talk to your employee or manager and consult a trusted site accident lawyer for the best way forward.

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