What Does Matthew Lepre Do? A Look at This Online Business Guru

Maybe you have heard about Matthew Lepre, currently one of the biggest names in e-Commerce. At only 28 years old, he’s a millionaire with a cult following on Instagram and Facebook. 

So, how does he do it? Here, we’ll answer the question most people ask: What does Matthew Lepre do to live the good life? 

Before Opening His Dropshipping Business, He Worked Three Manual Jobs

Most people get started the hard way. Such is the case with Matthew Lepre.

Before he made six figures a year, he was a college dropout. He left the University of Melbourne’s Dentistry program because he felt it was not for him. 

He came back home to Sydney to help his mum with the money. And to do so, he had to work three backbreaking jobs.

After earning a pretty decent income, he decided to invest it in a dropshipping course. He came across an American coach who undoubtedly changed his life. 

Armed with this newfound knowledge, Matthew decided to venture out and open his online store. 

He started with beauty products that he sourced from China. When he made enough money from this, he ventured into selling more profitable educational materials. 

Not long after, he was earning $120,000 a month from his four businesses. 

Matthew’s the Founder-Slash-Coach at Ecom Warrior Academy 

Although he enjoyed a six-figure salary, Matthew Lepre believed he could do something more. That’s why he decided to offer eCommerce courses. 

Because he learned a lot from his coach, he wanted other people to know his secrets too. 

That’s when he launched the Ecom Warrior Academy, which transforms every Joe and Jane into a successful online entrepreneur. 

Its prime offering is the Dropshipping Accelerator Course, developed by Matthew and his fellow coach Stallon Zayya. It aims to teach beginners and intermediate customers about:

  • Searching the right products for better business sales
  • Building an online store that can make you a profit
  • Implementing Facebook ads 
  • Automating your eCommerce store so you can travel around the world just like Matthew

This course can also help students to:

  • Map products through DSers 
  • Update the page post creation layout 
  • Find and spy on the competition

To make things even better, this program comes with a lot of perks. These include: 

  • Access to the live chat area 
  • 15-minute Zoom call sessions with Matt and other coaches
  • Unlimited email support 
  • Assistance with choosing products that sell
  • Daily group mentoring 

Matthew Goes Around the World to Share His eCommerce Knowledge

With the success of the Ecom Warrior Academy, the founder-slash-coach decided to take his skills around the world.

So, apart from enjoying his free time in foreign countries, he also holds marketing training in various parts of the globe. 

That way, every willing beginner—regardless of his native country—can learn the legit ways of making money online. 

Matt Offers Free Training Online

If you can’t afford the Ecom Warrior Academy course right now, you don’t have to worry. You can still learn more about Matt’s strategies through his social media accounts. 

For one, you can visit his YouTube account. It’s filled with videos that can help you: 

  • Avoid the five products that don’t make money 
  • Get your business logo created
  • Create a free business email 
  • Start a dropshipping store
  • Improve your eCommerce sales and revenue
  • Run successful Facebook ads

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Matt also offers various free services through his website. 

He’s Still Running eCommerce Stores

Although he is earning a lot with his profitable courses, Matthew is still running his online shops. But unlike most people, he doesn’t need a lot of effort to do so.

He has automated his eCommerce store, and he talks about this in one of the chapters in his Dropshipping Accelerator course. 

So, even if he flies from one country to another, he’s still raking in a lot of sales. 

Matt is Looking for Somebody to Share His Lifestyle

Despite having thriving online businesses and a profitable online course, there’s no stopping Matt.

And because he wants to live his life to the fullest, he’s looking for somebody to help him out.

But the hunt is not romantic (even though, yes, Matthew is still single). He’s looking for a personal assistant. 

Someone who can assist him in his trips around the globe. Someone willing to fly to Miami, New York, and wherever he needs to go. 

With a decent base pay and all expenses paid, it’s a sweet gig.

The dropshipping magnate is not choosy either, as he’s willing to take a student or uni grad. As he puts it, he didn’t finish college either. 

There you have it—a quick rundown of what Matthew does. Given his amazing stories, there’s no surprise that many students sign up for his mentoring calls.

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