What does a Weight loss specialist in Fairfax do?

Have you ever tried crash dieting and crazy exercises? While these can be beneficial in the initial period, they won’t be helpful anymore in the long run. It will help if you have a professional for getting rid of your extra weight. In this post, we will discuss what a weight loss specialist in Fairfax does.

What is a weight loss specialist?

These are health professionals who treat obesity using medical or non-surgical weight management techniques.

They will perform the following things-

Check health history

Your doctor will review your weight loss efforts, weight history, exercise habits, physical activities, appetite control, eating patterns. He will also ask about your health conditions, stress levels, medications, and other health-related issues. He may review your family history to check if certain diseases run in your family. 

Physical examination

Your doctor will check your weight, height, heart rate, pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, examines your abdomen, lungs, and heart. 

BMI calculation

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. If your BMI is equal to or higher than 30, you are obese. A BMI of more than 30 increases the risk of health issues. You should check your BMI once a year to determine your overall health risks.

Waist circumference measurement

Your doctor will check your waist circumference. In women, the rim of more than 35 inches or 89 cm, and in men, the perimeter of more than 40 inches or 102 cm, pose a risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Other health issues

If you have diabetes, high cholesterol levels, liver problems, high blood glucose levels, or underactive thyroid, your doctor will analyze its impact on your body weight.

Lab tests

Your doctor will advise lab tests such as blood tests, body composition analysis, and Electrocardiogram ( ECG).

Medications, exercise therapy, and diet modifications

Your doctor will prescribe medications and advise exercises to speed up the weight loss and increase the metabolism. He will strategically modify the diet to help deal with your hunger pangs better by having healthy stuff.

Refers to weight loss surgeons

If he thinks that surgery is required to reduce the fat in your body, he may refer you to a weight loss surgeon. 


Being overweight becomes an issue not only for your aesthetics but also for your overall health. So a professional weight loss professional can help you reduce weight with minimal side effects.

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