What can an environmental test chamber do?


Environmental chambers can be used to test products in the following industries: automobiles and building materials; chemicals; electronics; timber; cosmetics; plastics; aerospace; metal; pharmaceuticals; tobacco; textiles; the packaging industry; biotechnology; bio-tissue engineering; ceramics; ceramics; human and veterinary medicine; food and beverage; microbiology; surface technology; and plant and insect growth. Thus environmental test chamber provides satisfactory results for these tests.

Environmental and stability chamber monitoring are required in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries in order to comply with the standards set out by worldwide regulatory bodies in these fields. Environmental chambers may be used to monitor and regulate a variety of parameters, including humidity, temperature (including mean kinetic temperature), differential pressure, particle counts, illumination, and gas levels, among others. Advanced ageing studies conducted in test chambers aid in the determination of safe shelf-life levels and use-by dates for food products.

Used for biology

An environmental test chamber is a device that may be used in biology and microbiology to monitor the effects of light and humidity, as well as other environmental variables on the development of plants, algae, viruses, insects and tiny animals (such as the Drosophila, otherwise known as fruit flies). They make it possible to cultivate cells, organs, and tissues, as well as to grow plants and raise insects in the laboratory.

Uses for aerospace

When it comes to producing vacuum, thermal vacuum, and thermal tests that mimic outer-space conditions, the aerospace industry depends on environmental testing chambers to ensure that space system components can survive severe pressure and temperature. Environmental chambers are used to test anything from portable life support equipment for astronauts to spacesuits. Reduced pressure and altitude conditions are tested using high-pressure oxygen systems, cryogenic equipment, and various types of equipment, among other things.

Used in automobile industry

In the automobile business, environmental test chambers are used to mimic circumstances like as scorching roadways and prolonged exposure to direct sunshine, among other things. These tests are carried out by all automobile manufacturers, with the majority of them using drive-in chambers situated inside the firms’ testing facilities.

For the purpose of testing the vehicles’ performance, they simulate real-world circumstances such as typical humidity levels, wind speed, road and air temperatures, as well as severe weather such as snow and ice. The vehicles are controlled remotely by a dynamometer, which spins the wheels and revs the motor as required to keep them moving. Drive-in vehicle chambers are airtight and can withstand contraction and expansion without losing their integrity.

Tobacco industry

Tobacco testing in environmental chambers has been done as part of research investigations. These tests are used to determine the impact of the air pollutants emitted by tobacco products on human health. Medical investigations are often carried out in order to evaluate the potential impact of hazardous by-products on human health. The environmental chambers of LISUN can get you better results.


After a thorough examination of the complex research protocols used by universities and quarantine bureaus as well as large manufacturers and research institutions, environmental testing is ultimately concerned with the quality control inspection of everyday products such as electrical appliances (including batteries), plastics (including plastic bags), paper products (including paper towels), and food (including meat).

Consumers tend to accept most goods at face value, with little regard for the rigorous testing that went into making them commercially accessible to the general public. That environmental test chambers are useful in creating and evaluating the characteristics and performance of marketable goods is shown by this example. They have contributed significantly to the advancement of technology to its present heights, while also guaranteeing the safety and dependability of the goods we use on a daily basis.

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