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What bets a beginner should never place

Sports betting is gaining popularity every day and this is due to the emergence of online offices that offer to test the risk and win a decent amount on bets without leaving your home. The first thing that should be done by those who are just going to participate in betting is to choose a reliable office. Many experienced bettors predict sports in BC Parimatch. To join them and play on favorable terms, you just need to register on the website Those who are just starting to make money on bets need to learn the basic rules of successful betting to know which bets are not worth making.

A few simple tips for a beginner

To learn how to make correct predictions and not go into negative immediately, never make the following mistakes:

  • Do not bet on your favorite team or favorite athlete. A biased attitude towards the idol leads to the fact that the bettor overestimates his strength and underestimates his opponent. Evaluating all the events of the match in favor of the favorite team, the bettor can quickly go into negative territory.
  • Do not bet on everything. Some beginners, planning to make money faster, begin to place bets on all disciplines and competitions offered in the line. Such an approach is highly likely to bring a minus on the account and a sea of ​​disappointment due to lost bets. You should decide on the discipline, it is better to choose the kind of sport that you are interested in outside the game in the bookmaker. Knowledge of the rules and characteristics of sports discipline will help not to miss important points, quickly identify the favorites and outsiders of the meeting.
  • Do not predict decisive matches and finals of major competitions. Bookmakers are very careful in the analysis of such matches and accurately calculate all possible events. On the obvious result, the victory of the favorite, they give scanty odds, on the victory of the losing team-high. The better can only make a profit if the outsider wins, and this is unlikely.
  • Do not select events with high quotes. Experienced handicappers know how to find value bets and make bets with good odds. For beginners, it is better to stay at low multipliers. Such bets will not bring big wins, but they are more likely to pass.
  • Don’t make big bets. Even if you are sure of the result, you cannot bet more than 5-10% of your game bankroll on an event. The correct distribution of the playing bank is the main condition for successful betting.

A beginner handicapper needs to learn to control emotions and not make rash bets, trying to recoup after a lost bet or hit a bigger jackpot after winning.

How to increase your chances of winning?

You cannot place bets relying only on luck and intuition. Before making a bet, you should conduct a pre-match analysis, study the current form of the players and the results of previous matches of the teams. If there is information about injury or disqualification, it is better to bet on a different outcome or to bet a lower amount.

You can only place bets on the websites of trusted, honest bookmakers. Even if small, illegal bookmakers offer high rates, it is better to refuse their services. Small new bookmakers, which do not value their reputation, do not cost anything to close down and embezzle clients’ money.

Proven strategies can help minimize the risks of losing. By studying the information on forums and thematic sites, you can find suitable, working strategies that successful handicappers recommend.

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