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What Are The Negative Effects of Homework

Homework is an integral part of schooling. There are a number of pros that students benefit from when constantly assigned homework. On the other hand, there are negative effects of homework as well. Let’s look at some of them.

Assignments can be Burdening

How much homework is enough? The answer here varies according to whom you’re speaking to. Many experts swear by what they refer to a 10-minute rule per grade, starting in first grade and increasing for every grade. By following this rule, a 2nd grader should have no more than 20 minutes of homework while a 4th grader should have no more than 40 minutes of homework. As for high school students, freshmen will do with about 1 hour 30 minutes of homework while seniors should have about 2 hours of the same.

Are teachers following these rules? Do they even agree with them in the first place? Going by the amount of homework that students receive; we think not. Who even coordinates between different units? When one teacher gives 2 hours of homework, does she/he consider that other teachers could have given homework as well? There’s clearly no consensus in this area.

Students end up burdened with too much homework. Even with online homework help; a student can only do so much. These assignments results into fatigue, stress, anxiety and so on. The students then begins to associate these emotions with schooling as a whole, and the results are terrible. In some instances, an increase in homework resulted in deteriorating overall results. There’s need to strike a balance here so that the homework can achieve the purpose it was intended for, which is to enhance learning.

Infringing on Family Time

What are after-school hours for if not bonding with family? With homework however, this is hardly the case. With assignments in school and assignments after school, aren’t students now working more than adults? Most adults in formal employment step out of work at 5pm and do not touch work again until the following day. What should it be any different for students?

Parents are no longer spending quality time with their school going children. There’s hardly time. Between a long day at school and the impending homework, there’s only so much that they can do. This may not sound like a big deal at first, but with time there’s a disconnect between the students and their parents.

Sometimes the children g though significant changes without finding the time or energy to tell their parents about it. They can be experiencing issues such as bullying or even engaging in antisocial behavior yet the parents are oblivious about it. By the time they realize it, the cases could be too far gone.

On the brighter side, homework help online resources can help make the assignments faster so there’s time left to spend with family.

Encourage Sedentary Lifestyle

What would students rather do after a long day in class? Go out, socialize, engage in sports, take a walk to clear their mind and so on. In doing so, they get off their seat and engage in physical exercise. When homework takes this away, the students result into a largely dormant lifestyle where they spend most of their time seated.

A sedentary lifestyle has been known to encourage the onset of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension and even heart disease. It may seem far-fetched that homework can be associated with such serious ailments, but not quite. Remember the feeding habits of students mostly consists of junk food, fatty and sugary as they are.

With an inactive lifestyle, such a diet quickly leads to excess weight gain which then forms the basis of other diseases. Saying that homework is bad for your health is hardly an exaggeration.

As a student, you must strive to remain physically active. Get online homework help so you can complete your assignment faster and have time left for other activities.

Entrenches Inequality

When students carry their assignments home, they rely on their parents to help them whenever they’re stuck. This is all fun and games when they’re in the lower grades, but the higher they go, the more challenging it gets. Some parents are in a position to assist all the way to college homework, while others stop at elementary level. Students whose parents are not well versed in academic matters are disadvantaged here.

The children of well-educated parents end up performing well in their assignments and ultimately in their tests. Those whose parents don’t have much academic knowhow lag behind in their homework and their studies in general. If not checked, it is the haves vs the have-nots all over again. Fortunately, those who cannot be assisted by their parents can now get help with homework online from expert tutors.

May Discourage Learning in Class

Some students may not concentrate in class, after all, they have a chance to understand the topic during homework time. And they can easily get online homework help where tutors will attend to them individually. If you have several students in class with such an attitude, there will be hardly any learning taking place. Getting assignment help is great, but should come as a supplement of what you learn in class.

Despite all these negative effects, homework, in all levels of learning is here to stay. How can you navigate the homework to ensure that you get the best from it without suffering a burnout? To begin with, you can have a discussion with your teachers so you’re in agreement on the amount of homework that should be given. Then, to belabor a crucial point here, get homework help. We have professional tutors a click away, who can attend to you exclusively so you can learn at your own pace. This way, your homework will be pretty easy and won’t take up too much of your time or energy, so you can have enough reserved to attend to other things that matter to you.

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