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What Are the Few Dos and Don’ts to Follow After Your Bone Graft Surgery in Sunnyvale, CA

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Monterey bone grafting is often made up of multiple microscopic pieces of bone. During the initial few days after the treatment and as recovery develops, you may notice some minute granules of this bone within your tongue. 

Do not be frightened as this is completely normal and anticipated. There are a few things you may take care of to reduce the chances of a bone particle becoming dislodged. You must observe the following do’s and don’ts after the bone graft surgery in Sunnyvale, CA.


  • Follow post-operative instructions

You should follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

  • Take adequate rest

While resting ensure that you keep your head propped up by using pillows so that adequate blood may flow to your head.

  • Use ice for reducing swelling

You must use ice all throughout the day after your surgery is done.

  • Take all pain medications as prescribed

You must follow the instructions of your dentist regarding your pain medication.

  • Eat soft foods

You must eat only soft foods for some time until the bleeding has fully stopped.

  • Keep your mouth clean

Always maintain your mouth cleaning, by rinsing using warm salt water about 4 times a day.

  • Eat healthy foods

You should always eat foods that are rich in A and C vitamins for promoting healing.

  • Deal with bleeding

You should always keep a gauze pad over your wound for a while to absorb the blood.

  • Use an over-the-counter decongestant

It is needed for reducing sinus and nasal congestion.


  • Avoid consuming hot beverages/foods

You must not consume any hot foods and beverages till the numbness present in your mouth has fully waned.

  • Avoid exercise

You must avoid exercise or any strenuous activities after surgery for a few days.

  • Avoid brushing and flossing initial days

You must avoid doing so as long as your dentist will tell you.

  • Do not smoke

Smoking can increase the chance of failure of your bone graft.

  • Avoid applying pressure

Do not apply pressure to the surgical site with your fingers or tongues during the first healing stage.

  • Avoid alcohol

You must avoid drinking alcohol for a minimum of 24 hours after your surgery.

  • Avoid disturbing your affected area

You must avoid disturbing your wound by using your tongue or fingers.

  • Avoid hard crunchy foods

You must avoid chewing any hard and crunchy food in those areas of your mouth where surgery was performed.

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