What are the dangers of auto transport

Auto transport services like are quite popular, especially nowadays when people are far too busy to drive all the way across the country. Instead, people fly over and have their car transported on an open or enclosed trailer – however, there are some concerned about the dangers.

Setting realistic expectations about the future

The goal of this text is to share some of the dangers of auto transport which you need to be aware of. Because, while we do operate with the thought “This won’t happen to me”, the reality is that anything is possible and we should be aware of the hazards before proceeding with our own free choice.

Car being stolen

Despite the best efforts of most auto transport carriers in the US, there is a chance that your vehicle may be stolen from the auto transport. This is most commonly occurring on open trailer transports, which are far cheaper and easier to find than enclosed transports which are far more secure, but also expensive.

These situations are exceedingly rare, but they do happen, as reported by US Trans, one of the biggest authorities in the business. Their aim is to set realistic expectations be upfront with their customers, so they can make an informed choice, even if that means losing their business.

Delays due to adverse weather

Not all carriers are created equal, and while most are outstanding professionals who do their job properly, there are circumstances which are out of the control of the company and delays do occur. One of these circumstances is adverse weather which can affect the transportation of a vehicle quite severely.

Heavy snow, blocked passages, black ice and heavy rains will slow down the progress of a transport vehicle, both out of concern for the safety of the driver, and the safety of the trailer and the vehicles on it. In order to keep everything safe, the driver will pull over and wait for the conditions to settle before continuing – this will ultimately delay the delivery of your vehicle.

Damaged car

There are rare cases where a car or its paint can be damaged from road conditions, like the infamous road chips which do occur quite often especially on vehicles on the lower deck. Road chips are small rocks which hit the vehicle, becoming disturbed from the tires of upcoming traffic or the truck itself – one way to proactive your vehicle from those is to put a protective tarp-cover on it.

Severe delays

In cases where there are hard deadlines, it’s possible to miss those deadlines even if the company has been notified about them. This is very rare to happen, because companies who accept a hard deadline job, or an expedited delivery job, are specialized in this field and charge a high rate for it.

There is, however, the slim chance that your vehicle will not reach its final destination on time due to severe weather, road accidents, road work, closed roads and passages. All of this depends on where you are having the vehicle transported to and what routes the driver is taking.

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