What are the Countries with the Most Accessible Healthcare Systems?

The healthcare sector has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. This is through the introduction of modern equipment, improved efficacy, and patient outcomes. Despite the many challenges, health providers can now offer quality healthcare service thanks to technology.

Are you planning to tour different parts of the globe? The kind of health care services vary from one place to another, and you’ll get better services in some places than in others. Again, some counties offer more accessible and efficient health services and are worth touring.

Check out the counties with the most accessible healthcare systems:

1. France 

France offers universal health coverage and is one of the healthiest countries to live in. The country expanded its statutory health insurance to cover all citizens, but you still have to pay for some services like doctor’s appointments. In France, the patient only pays a small percentage for their healthcare costs, which is funded by the government.

However, low-income and long-term sick patients get 100% health coverage. France also scores well for health outcomes, and the services are highly accessible. As an expat, you can access healthcare if you have lived in France for over three consecutive months. However, you require health insurance as an expat in the country. Health coverage is mandatory for anyone who lives in France for all foreigners living in France for over three months.

2. Mexico 

Mexico boasts cheap healthcare, but this varies from one region to another. The services are pretty good, and the drugs cost 30-60% lower than in the US. What of language barriers? Most Mexican doctors go for further training in the US, and you’ll likely get English- speaking physicians in most facilities.

Mexico is a good spot for expats, and healthcare is free. However, you can’t choose a private doctor, hence the need for health insurance. The healthcare system is offered under three tiers, these are;

  • Mexican social security program (IMMS)
  • Seguro Popular program
  • Private Insurance

The IMMS covers employees in both the private and public sectors. If you work under a Mexican company, you qualify for health coverage under this program. On the other hand, the Seguro Popular program benefits those who don’t qualify for IMSS due to financial constraints or pre-existing conditions. These patients are mostly unemployed, homeless, of suffering from exclusionary ailments. Private insurance attracts most foreigners in Mexico. The private healthcare system in the county offers a wide variety of services and is very comfortable compared to the public system.

3. Japan

Japanese are famous for longer life expectancy thanks to the excellent healthcare system in the county. The healthcare system in Japan puts a lot of emphasis on preventive care, which is key to preventing most ailments. The system offers free screening tests and exceptional prenatal care programs and is one of the countries with the best healthcare for expats.

However, there’s an uneven distribution of health providers, and many benefit the rural areas over the cities. This is because most physicians claim to experience a high-quality life outside busy towns or metropolitan areas. All Japanese residents, whether locals or non-citizens, must enroll in the health insurance plan. This covers about 70% of the total medical costs, but students have to cater to 30% of the medical costs.

4. Taiwan

Taiwan offers universal health coverage, and the government provides generous premium subsidies for low-income earners and civil servants. According to the Health Care Index for 2021, Taiwan scored 86.39 out of 100, making it one of the top countries offering excellent healthcare services.

Although some foreigners take advantage of the public healthcare system, most expats opt for private healthcare to avoid long queues and access better treatment options. Moreover, some medical costs fall outside the National Health Insurance, and private health coverage comes in handy in such a case.

5. Singapore

Singapore is favorite among expats, thanks to its excellent healthcare services. Although you can opt for private healthcare, the public sector boasts of efficient services that you won’t get in most parts of the globe. The government funds the public healthcare system, but public healthcare isn’t free. All private hospitals offer varying services when it comes to quality, and the services come at a price.

6. United Arab Countries

UAE offers quality healthcare due to its highly developed health infrastructure. It’s one of the most efficient healthcare systems globally, offering modern medical facilities with state-of-the-art technology. Healthcare is easily accessible to locals and foreigners with private hospitals using advanced equipment and technology.

Also, you get faster services in the private facilities, and language isn’t an issue since you’ll get many English speaking staff. Countries like Dubai lead when it comes to healthcare technology. The county is the pioneer of online diagnosis using automated patient reminders and personalized dosage recommendations.

In summary, you’ll get quality healthcare in most parts of the globe. However, most expats opt for private health insurance due to the associated benefits. With a private health cover, you access better medical services and enjoy improved efficiency.

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