What Are The Characteristics Of Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding?

The Liquid Silicone Rubber or LSR is the Liquid Injection Molding enabled with the Thermoset process enabling the mix of 2 components. It is also enabled with the heat-cured inside mold with a platinum catalyst for creating the best results. Silicon parts are quite flexible in all aspects and give better results. Low compression set also provides a better ability to resist extreme temperatures for making the liquid silicone rubber molding ideal and durable for wide challenging applications. Normally, Liquid Silicone Rubber gives better durability, design flexibility, and clarity to excellence. It is a more suitable option for maintaining excellent mechanical properties even at -50oC to 250oC temperatures.

Characteristics Of Liquid Silicone Rubber:

When choosing the right materials to manufacture critical parts or components then choosing the LSR or Liquid Silicone Rubber is an efficient option. These Liquid Silicone Rubber have the primary materials enabled with the best quality range. It is suitable for a wider range of durability to excellence.  The characteristics and chemical properties of these materials make them an excellent option for wider applications across all industrial verticals.

Chemical Composition:

The Chemical Composition of Silicone Rubber is unique due to its physical properties. The main reason is that the Silicone rubber materials are elastomers having the chain of molecules called as the Siloxane Bond or -Si-O-Si-. Normally, the chain is silicone rubber’s “backbone,” so they are a suitable option for a variety of the organic chemical group added. It extensively alters the mechanical and material characteristics. Silicone Rubber is especially distinguished from various elastomers based on the strength of the Siloxane bond. These also have carbon bonds bind with an energy total of 355 kJ/mol and total strength ranging 433 kJ/mol. Silicone bonds have lower intermolecular forces amazingly, so other chemical groups will be attracted to them freely. The chemical composition of the materials also contributes to its

  • Chemical stability
  • Greater heat resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Low intermolecular forces

Mechanical Properties Of Liquid Silicone Rubber:

There are many numbers of grades of liquid silicone rubber materials available, and these are based on the different material properties. Mechanical Properties involved with the versatility of the LSR make it completely unique. These are perfect options to be used in food grade or even medical products with providing the best resistance to bacteria. These also have the capacity to withstand excessive heat as well as vibration. The mechanical properties of liquid silicone rubber make it an excellent starting point for the low compression set as well as fast curing.

  • Resistance to tearing
  • Resistance to heat
  • Naturally smooth texture
  • Naturally insulating
  • Available in a range of durometers
  • Ideal for delicate sensing membranes
  • Retain its shape when compressed
  • Transparency
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Long life
  • Overall strength

Liquid Silicone Rubber can be used at temperatures of about -100˚C and 200˚C. These could be easily exposed to rain, UV rays, wind, and many others for a long time. It could also be immersed in solvents or water. Various grades of Liquid Silicone Rubber possess material properties that could easily withstand all demanding applications.

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