What are the best trees to plant in your yard?

When that time comes for tree establishment in your yard, it may be challenging to determine precisely which trees you should go for. So many species are out there, and the process of selecting the right one for your yard can be confusing.

In this article, you will find details that will help you make the right decision when selecting the type of trees to plant in your yard as well as the best trees to grow.

Factors to consider when selecting trees for your yard

Growth rate

One of the main purposes of planting trees in your yard is to improve the appearance of your surroundings. As a result, planting a tree that will take several years to grow may not be ideal. Make sure that you go for a fast-growing tree. Such a tree will change the look in your yard within a short time.

Tree height

Different trees grow into different heights. At the same time, we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the amount of height we want around our yards. There are also factors such as power lines and other trees to consider when it comes to height.

Buildings around the area can also affect the height you are looking for in your yard. As a result, it is crucial to consider the type of tree you are getting in terms of how tall it can get. Always understand how tall you would like a tree in your yard to be and select wisely.


The majority of yard trees are meant for shade. As a result, they form wide canopies. Make sure that you understand how wide a tree canopy can get before planting it in your yard. Check whether the canopy will affect nearby trees or settlement. Also, check the size of the canopy to see whether it will affect the setting of your yard once it has developed.


In many cases, a yard may not have a large space for trees with extreme width sizes. It is a factor worth considering. Do not get a tree that will increase so much in width such that it will interfere with the surrounding things.

When choosing a tree in terms of width, also consider the available space in your yard. Check if it is enough for a tree with a specific width upon maturity.


It is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Some trees produce more debris than others. As a result, knowing the type of litter dropped by a specific kind of tree is crucial when selecting a tree for your yard. How much debris does the tree drop? Will you be comfortable with it or not?

There are those who cut down trees to get enough space for agricultural use or to erect large industrial buildings. The tree removal cost goes far beyond just a monetary value. You can’t stop progress, we need new housing, schools and hospitals, but we need to replace what is removed.

Best trees for your yard

  • Dawn Redwood

It is a tree that was first discovered along the Chinese valleys. It is a type of tree that is known for growing very fast and providing a perfect pyramid-like shade. As the tree grows to high heights, it gives a dark colour with the leaves carrying luscious green.

One useful feature about this tree that makes it ideal for your yard is that it requires next to no maintenance. It can reach70 to 100’ of height. The spread area is up to 25’.

It can grow up to 24” per year or more.

Dawn Redwood’s ideal growing conditions are wet areas. It is tolerant of pollution, requires huge space and sun.

This type of tree is also resistant to several diseases and pests, which is why it has low maintenance requirements.

  • Dogwood

If you are looking for a beautiful tree that will decorate your yard all year round, then the Dogwood is what to go for. It can survive in many hardiness regions.

The Dogwood trees are characterized by beautiful colours arising from its red, white, and pink blossoms during spring. As summer approaches, the tree forms a compact and lush canopy. During fall, many varieties of Dogwood trees will produce red foliage and drop leaves and branch during winter. 

  • Tulip tree

The Tulip tree is a fast-growing tree that can be planted for ornamental purposes and provides excellent shade. The tree is hardwood and can grow up to 2 feet and more within a year. The tree has beautiful flowers with tulip shape during spring. When fall approaches, you will see attractive yellow leaves.

  • Weeping Willow

It is a common type of tree on streets, home yards, and institutions. The first thing is that it is an excellent tree for shade purposes. It can grow in either partial or full sun. The estimated height of Weeping willow is 35″, and it can spread up to 35″.

The estimated growth of this tree per year is 24″, and more in some cases.

However, when you plant a weeping willow, expect it to produce up to a ton of debris per year. As a result, maintenance of the yard will be required.

  • Saucer Magnolia

It is a hybrid tree that was created by humans through the crossing of type magnolia tree species. However, it is a tree that can easily do well in your backyard and give it a great appearance.

Due to the tree’s pink and white blooms that are shaped like cups, it is very attractive. The tree is easy to establish even in small spaces of your yard and grows to 25 feet height.

  • Bald Cypress

It is a perfect tree for your yard due to its high number of branches, all very well distributed from the bottom to the top. Bald Cypress will drop its needles during winter and produce new ones in spring.

It is a tree that can tolerate different conditions, which is why it is can be planted in many areas. Its best adaptation is in wet areas. It can grow to a height of between 50 and 70 feet and can spread to an area of up to 25 feet.

  • Silver Maple

It is a type of tree you will find in urban areas and streets. It can be identified from its broad and leafy canopies. The tree is perfect for huge shades in your yard.

It is a tree that can stay in your yard for several years, offering perfect shade, but you must be ready to provide it a large space.

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