What are the best led high bay lights?

High bay light, also known as canopy light, is a kind of high-efficiency indoor LED lighting, which can be widely used in industrial plants, production workshops, supermarkets, sports and entertainment venues and warehouses.

High bay light fixtures are an important part of modern industrial lighting. Traditional high bay lamps often use 250W, 400W, 500W, 1000W metal halide lamps. Metal halide lamps emit light at 360 degrees. The disadvantage of large light loss causes a huge waste of energy. And LED high bay light has gradually entered people’s field of vision with the advantages of directional light emission, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response speed, high shock resistance, long service life, green environmental protection, etc. therefore, LED high bay light fixtures will become the best choice for energy-saving lighting transformation in the field of traditional large-scale industrial plant lighting, and it is also the general trend.

If you don’t know what the best high bay light fixtures are, then see the recommendations below

1. Best protection level led high bay light

Although led high bay lamps are used as indoor lamps, they are generally used in some relatively complex environments, so the protective lamps are generally at least IP44, and most of the high bay lamps on the market are IP65 waterproof. If you want to use higher protection lamps, such as IP66, IP67, then please choose explosion-proof high bay lamps, which are the highest protection lamps in the current type of high bay lamps, and the cover it uses is generally 8mm thick explosion-proof glass. Can be used in chemical plants, mines, gas stations, etc.

2. Best-selling LED high bay light

LED high bay lights include round, square, bar-shaped high bay lights, and traditional high bay lights with aluminum reflectors. At present, the market round led high bay lights has reached 80%. Become the best-selling high bay light. It has the remarkable features of small size, high light efficiency, low cost, a variety of installation methods, a variety of lighting angles and cover options.

3. Best luminous flux LED highbay lights.

With the continuous maturity of LED chip technology, the brightness of LED high bay lights is constantly improving. The conventional LED high bay lights on the market generally have an output of 100lm/W. And some customized LED high bay lights (using more SMD3030 chips, using PC Lens cover with high light transmittance) can achieve a maximum light efficiency of 170Lm/W. At present, this solution mostly appears in UFO high bay light.

4. Best price high bay light

Due to the difference in raw materials or design schemes of high bay lights from different manufacturers, there are often very large differences in price. Some well-known brands of high bay lights, such as osram, cost at least $300USD for 100W, which is very expensive. For some customers or projects with strict budgets, the best cost-effective high bay light is their first choice. In the market, the current best-priced high bay light should be the driverless high bay light, which does not have an independent LED driver, but integrates the power supply function on the aluminum substrate, thus saving the cost of independent driving and reducing production and processing costs. . 100W high bay light is less than 20USD/pcs.

5. Best high-power bay light

In terms of energy efficiency, LED high bay lamps can save more than 60% energy than traditional high bay lamps. Therefore, when choosing LED high bay lights, their power is basically 100W 150W 200W 240W, which can basically replace most of the traditional HID or HPS high bay lights. For some high-power lamps used in special environments, we have to choose super high-power LED high bay lights, such as 1000w high bay led lights, which can replace 4000w-8000w traditional HPS high bay lights in terms of brightness. And these high power led high bay lights are often used in football fields, or construction sites.

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