What are Online Slots?

Online slots are quite frankly slot machines that you can play on your desktop, mobile or tablet – from your couch, the beach or the train, either alone or with your friends. Slotsbaby is a great example of a website where you can play online slots. As in traditional casinos, players have to deposit money to be able to then bet on the game of their choice. 

The popularity of online slots is often attributed to the fact that they offer a much wider variety of games and due to the large number of people that play on online casinos – the jackpots tend to be much higher than on traditional casinos. 

Slot Games

The traditional slot game that most people have seen at one point in their lives is the 3 reel one; these tend to offer a single payline, but online slot games can have many more reels as paylines. Further, newer games also offer a variety of bonus features, which not only make the game more interesting but also offer amazing rewards.

The only thing that may stop people from playing online slots is the age restriction; since money are involved and as offline casinos have to follow certain rules, similarly no one under 18 can play at an online casino.

How do online slots work?

Despite the diverse variety of slot games online, these operate in the same fashion as the traditional ones.

A player has to first deposit some money, hit the spin button and witness the reels spinning. If 3 identical symbols are aligned on the payline you have won, if not you can keep trying. 

Despite the various myths, winning is not a matter of skill or strategy, but the result of luck. Slot machines have a random number generator, making every spin unique, offering the exact same opportunities to win on each turn.


As the name suggests paylines are when the symbols are aligned in a line, rewarding the corresponding prize to the players. 

To fully understand think about traditional slots, when 3x7s would appear and players were shouting from excitement. 

Online, however, things are quite different since there isn’t a single payline but up to 30. So, players can win zig zag, horizontally or in any other way the developers decide to program the game. Some online slots have over 1,000 different ways, whereby a player can win. 


Lastly, the most exciting feature that is available mostly on online slots is the bonus feature. If the three corresponding symbols appear on the reels online slot games have different features available as a reward. Some of them include multipliers, mini games and free spins – which can potentially reward very high prizes to players.

These are more or less all the different aspects one should be aware of before they start playing slot games. One last thing that players should keep in mind is to enjoy the game and never play more money than they can actually afford. 

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