Weed Seeds Guide: When Is The Perfect Harvest Time

Marking your calendars and setting a specific time and date for harvests isn’t exactly the way to go when growing weed seeds. Because these are plants that would prefer to mature and grow when the time is right for them, you are much better off eyeballing the indicators and signals that it gives off in order to determine the proper harvest time. Luckily for growers, when the marijuana plants from weed seeds reach a certain age of maturity, they will display a lot of different signs in their changing appearance!

Now, knowing when to harvest your marijuana buds is important! And the fact is, it isn’t all that hard to know when the right time is. There are many cases wherein growers would often overthink the whole process, either exerting too much or too little caution with harvesting the plants from weed seeds.

The Importance of Proper Harvesting of Plants from Weed Seeds

Harvesting too early

If you are new to growing weed seeds, then you may be reluctant to harvest your buds. As you start feeling all excited and impatient, you will have a strong tendency to settle for an early harvest instead. This is very unideal and impractical as it won’t give you the desired results that you were hoping for! 

Harvesting the buds from weed seeds too early will leave you with a product that has not reached its full potential in terms of potency and flavor. As a result, the THC levels in the trichomes could significantly drop, not allowing you to feel the true effects, terpene profiles, and tastes. Immature buds from weed seeds will still look pale and flimsy, which indicates that they are not done fully developing their properties. Upon smoking it, you will surely get a much more stale and weak hit. So much for waiting for months on end, right?

Harvesting too late

On the other hand, there are also instances where growers tend to harvest their cannabis buds too late! While this is usually charged to carelessness and negligence on the part of growers, it is actually something that can happen even to the best of us. You see, there is quite a short time frame between having the buds at the ideal harvest time and them becoming too old for harvests. This is why you are going to keep a close eye on the plants from weed seeds, especially when they start entering their later stages! 

Marijuana buds that are left unplucked after they have matured have the tendency to start curing in their places! This will result in a potency level that is often too high to be considered as “enjoyable”. The extremely strong hits and flavors that you will get from over ripe marijuana buds can put off even the most experienced smokers out there! 

Also, if you are growing your weed seeds outdoors, harvests will usually come in the later parts of the year. If you leave them out in the open for too long, this increases their chances of catching molds and diseases due to the dropping temperatures. Of course, this may also lead to them freezing under the cold weather. 

How To Tell If Seeds Are Ready For Harvest

Now, how exactly will you be able to tell if your marijuana buds are ready for harvest? Well, you are going to have to take a closer look at three things in your cannabis plants: the plant’s leaves, pistils, and trichomes

You might be wondering: what about the suggested flowering times of the cannabis strains? Of course, these may be pretty accurate and can serve as a guide as to when you will really start checking the buds of your plants. But because there is a big discrepancy with the weeks that they specify, you are still going to have to check these different plant parts.

LEAVES: You might think that yellowing leaves indicate that your cannabis plants are unhealthy and will need substantial amounts of nutrients. However, towards the end of your cannabis plants’ flowering stages, yellowing fan leaves are a good sign of knowing that your plants have reached their ideal maturity levels. 

Wait until most of the fan leaves turn a yellowish shade (around 70% to 75%). Moreover, they may even have some falling off due to all the energy of the marijuana plants now being directed towards flowering. 

PISTILS: These hair-like strands start growing during the earliest stages of flowering. But during that time, they will appear as pale-white structures that grow from in between the nodes of the plants. When your plants are ready for harvest, these pistils will start displaying a brown, amber-like color. Around 70% to 90% of the pistils must show a dark orange color in order for your buds to be completely ready for harvests!

TRICHOMES: Lastly, we have the trichomes. Since they are extremely small structures, you will need to have a magnifying glass or a jeweller’s loupe in order to properly observe them and determine their maturity levels. Trichomes will usually start off as small, transparent, mushroom-like structures that grow around the buds, pistils, and fan leaves. But once your cannabis plants have matured, they will have a much more opaque, cloudy color! If they have this milky color to them, then you will know that the buds are ready to be plucked and cured! If you want to Buy Weed Online, then you are in right place where you can buy weed.

Cannabis harvests are undoubtedly the prized occasion for any grower out there. After months dedicated to properly caring for them, this is where it all leads up to! This is why it is important not to screw this up! Wait for the exact moment when the buds are fully viable for harvests in order to get the best quality buds.

You can check out SunWest Genetics for some of the most efficient and high quality weed seeds out there! You won’t have to worry about making mistakes during cultivation because these weed seeds are sure to be highly durable and fresh! 

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