Wedding invitation etiquette tips

Did you celebrate your wedding anniversary? If so, congratulations! It’s not difficult, but you should start organizing your wedding invitations. Wedding invitations are one of the most important things in wedding planning. They give guests wedding samples (formal or casual) and list important information so people know when and where to go.


Start by planning the style of the invitation. It should reflect the ceremony itself. For example, if you have a very formal (white tie) party, you should use fine stationery paper with calligraphic or engraved prints. A less formal wedding, such as one you might have at one’s home or on the beach, requires a more relaxed approach to invitations.


The wording on the invitation should be carefully considered before placing an order. You will need to include the name, location, date and time of the bride and groom. Depending on your situation, sometimes the parents’ names will be listed on the invitation. Here are some examples of what to include in an invitation: wedding invitation card design and wording.

Guest list

Your list should include the names of all invited guests, including each family member. If inviting children, add these. All household members in the same household should be listed together. One invitation letter can be sent for each family, but you will need to know who will or will not be in the program.


You want these invitations to look as nice as possible. You’ve probably paid quite a bit for a professionally designed and printed invitation, so practice with plain paper until you get the look you want. Use black ink when working on wedding invitations.


Formal and semi-formal wedding invitations usually come with two envelopes: one slightly smaller than the other so you can tuck it inside. On the outside envelope, you will write your return address and the name of the family you are inviting. Use the standard format for postage to ensure it reaches its intended destination. The envelope inside may have the personal name of the person you invited.


If you’re inviting kids, all you have to do is write “and family” on the invitation. Otherwise, list the names of adult invitees in the household. Some people don’t understand that this means their child is not invited, so they may add their name to the response. In this case, you can call and tell them this is an adults-only event.


Stamp the rsvp card for easy guest replies. All they have to do is note down the number of people who will be attending in the space provided and put it in the mail. A response should be received before you order food for the reception. If the invitee doesn’t respond, group your helper together and call.

What else should i include in the invitation?

Outdoor venue

If part of your wedding day involves the outdoors, such as a ceremony in the woods or a marquee in a field, it might be a good idea to indicate this on the invitation. Unable to rely on the weather in Great Britain, your guests may not want to wear their ivory satin heels and may want to pack something more practical in the trunk of the car, like a blanket for cool nights or to wear for the evening rain boots have the potential to become muddy grounds.

Dress code

Most people probably want to look impressive at a watercolor wedding invites. However, you may want to check if your venue has any specific dress codes. For example, some venues may not allow shorts or flip-flops, while others may not allow guests to wear stilettos, which can damage wood floors. If there are any dress codes, be sure to let your guests know of this somewhere in the invitation to avoid any dress faux pas on the day. Likewise, if your wedding is going to give a more casual feel and don’t want a suit and tie, you might want to mention this as well.

Other information

Traditionally, invitations should only contain information about the wedding, not the name of the venue where you registered the gift. Some people still insist on including this information, but i think it seems rude. You’d better let the other members of the bridal party let the guests know where you registered.

When to send

Ideally, invitations should be sent out six weeks to several months before the wedding. Guests are required to mark the date on the calendar. If they are from out of town, they may also need to take time off work and book a hotel.

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