Ways You Can Avoid Cyberbullying

One of the most torturous things a person can suffer from is bullying. It is something that can emotionally cripple a person. People who are bullied end up feeling severely depressed and anxious. Moreover, they feel that they are completely alone. They don’t think anyone can truly understand their suffering. Therefore, they believe nobody can help them. Bullied people feel like they are doomed to constantly face ابتزاز from their bullies. While all this feels very real to someone who is bullied. However, all of this is not necessarily true. It is, in fact, possible to seek help. Something that is a step above in-person bullying is cyberbullying.

Things can become a lot scarier if you can’t even see your bully or abuser. People take advantage of the fact that they are hidden behind their computer screens. They use the anonymity the internet gives them to their advantage and use it to harass other people. The sad part is that people you least expect can be cyberbullies. This is because everything they do is a guise. Their actual personalities might be totally different from how they are online. If you are the target of cyberbullying, you must remember that you are not alone.

Here are some ways you can avoid cyberbullying.

Educate Yourself

In order to truly avoid something, you must be aware of what it is. This means that you need to know how cyberbullies choose their targets, how they work and what you need to do in order to avoid becoming a target. It is important to talk to others. Converse about it with your friends, family and colleagues. This way, you will learn more about and what other people have experienced in their lives.

Keep Your Passwords Private

Your passwords are one of the most important things. Never trust anyone with your passwords no matter what. People sometimes share their passwords with their close friends and end up regretting their decision. The best thing is to just keep all your passwords to yourself. If your passwords get into the wrong hands, people can make you a target of الابتزاز الالكتروني.

Be Careful About What You Post

Never post anything online that you might end up regretting. Don’t post any photos that someone can use to blackmail you and tarnish your reputation.


Cyberbullying is a horrible thing, but there are ways it can be avoided. If you ever become a target of a cyberbully, don’t keep it to yourself. You don’t have to suffer alone. Seek help and report the bully to the relevant authorities.

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