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Ways To Increase Real Instagram Followers

Ever since it was developed, Instagram has been a cornerstone for growing conversions, building an engaged audience, and driving profitable traffic to land pages. Many brands’ have grown their social presence thanks to this platform. If you were hoping to grow your Instagram presence but your efforts are futile, here are tips to get real Instagram followers. Also, consider buying followers on Instagram as a way to increase your followers. To buy Instagram followers for likes and comments, these followers’ sites will also boost your account. Consider adding this to your list on getting more Instagram followers:

1. Showcase your Instagram everywhere

Unless you promote your Instagram, people won’t find your account. Therefore, list your Instagram account with other social networks and your website too. Create awareness and visibility as they are the best ways to get discovered. Let people know where to find you if you truly want to get more Instagram followers. To promote social share across all your networks as well as show people where to find you on Instagram, add social media buttons to your blog and website. Make users have a reason to follow you by promoting unique content on your Instagram.

2. Start a conversation

Through a conversation, users will be aware of your Instagram account. When you perfect your Instagram caption copywriting skills, your Instagram page will be engaging to your audience. Be communicative and supportive on Instagram, as it’s an avenue for serious customer care queries and off-the-cuff chat and questions. By responding to as many comments or questions as possible, you are improving your relationship with your audience. To convert a visitor of your profile into a follower, secure their loyalty and attention. You’ll likely gain followers whenthe conversation grows around your feed. Therefore, don’t be afraid to reply and appreciate your followers. 

3. Post content that followers want

It’s wise to know what content your followers want so that they are always on your feed. The smallest details like captions, filters, post times, and content types can make a big difference. To post popular content, you need to keep your ear on the ground on new Instagram trends. It will be easier to analyse, track, and benchmark Instagram content across accounts using the Instagram analytics tool. Competitive research will also go a long way, however, don’t copy your competitors directly.

4. Find hashtags that convert

Hashtags have allowed one to extend their social reach, therefore, don’t use over-populated hashtags. Use hashtags that your target audience is more likely to check. These users may follow your account if a relevant connection is made. To group posts around hyper-relevant content to your brand and campaigns, use unique branded hashtags. Know what you’re tagging and build your followers using the hashtag.


Following the above tips will help you increase your reach. However, consider Instagram’da takipci almak for an extra push. You can buy Instagram followers to keep you ahead of your competitors but make sure you are offering content which the audience needs. Consider adding video features and new content like reels, stories, and IGTV on your posts.

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