Watch out for These Website Development Trends.

As a developer, you need to tighten your skills, enhance your knowledge and certainly stay update. Whether you are a local developer with small ambitions, time is coming when you need to sharpen your web development power or fall out.

Earlier, we only used to come across high-end tech developments in movies, but it’s now becoming a reality. So, where does that leave you as a developer or a self-acclaimed web design master?  

Web Development Trends You Must Know 

Technical advancements continue to spin human lifestyles around. Using a website, you can shop anything from anywhere and have it shipped in days. Apart from using better technologies to enhance the user experience, search engine optimization is a catalyst to optimal SERPs ranking. So, here are the web development trends you must know as a developer;


API-First development approach is here and expected to rule for some time. API is an intermediate framework integrating various technologies of either the same or different product. With this approach, developers focus on the product first and then shift to its API. Several technologies combine or integrate to offer the best output like IoT devices, driverless automobiles, or sophisticated homes in the current era.

Motion UI Design 

A perfect website calls for a range of skills to render it functional, informative, and attractive. Motion UI designs are helpful in crafting intuitive user interfaces and are quite adaptable. Motion UI designs are made up of animated hovers, page header transitions, and modular scrolling. All these website design components facilitate an attractive and appealing website.

If you are a developer and consider upgrading your expertise, motion UI design is a perfect consideration. It will help you offer an ultra-modern website with the best web navigation. Also, try to ensure that the animations offer smooth performance and SEO-friendly.

According to Igloo web design company, Motion UI is the next big thing in the world of design and development. The aim is to create a highly interactive design that helps in arresting the attention of the visitors. Motion UI helps in improving engagement rates and gives visitors some cool elements to play around with. This also has a positive effect in reducing the bounce rates of a website and improving its digital performance.

Data and Cybersecurity 

Cybercrimes are highly witnessed in web frameworks that involve large data. Therefore, whether you are a web developer or a web development agency, it is vital to upgrade your cybersecurity system. Try to run cybersecurity assessments and patch up every loophole that may facilitate attacks. By providing a reliable security system, you safeguard not only your data but also your clients or customers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages 

Mobile-optimized websites are the future. Earlier, developers focused on developing for desktop users. However, over the years, mobile users have increased access to digital services from their mobile ends. Now, focusing on Mobile-First Design or mobile users is of great importance for any web developer or designer.

By designing for mobile-first, you can tap into a wider audience and also offer an awesome user experience to all users. This is what the future holds for digital users.  


The world around us is getting more and more digitized. Apart from providing aesthetically appealing websites, there is a call for upgrading digital privacy and security. As a web developer, improving skills and collaborating with better technologies is essential to provide the best experiences. The provided web development trends can be of great help in enhancing your skills.

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