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Wall Art: Rethinking the Hanging Rug

Are you searching for a minimalist decorating idea for your living room or entryway other than art prints? Consider a beautiful rug for your wall decor challenge to add some Boho style.

 How to Best Utilize a Wall-Hanging Rug?

Without the help of an interior decorator, many DIY or aspiring decor enthusiasts love the textures and colors that a wall-hanging rug brings.

If you are searching for a new type of wall decor, a wall-hanging rug is a great choice.

Wall rugs are a work of art in their own right, bringing a new level of style to your home. Many wall-hanging rugs feature beautiful cultural designs (Moroccan / Persian rugs) that have tassels or fringes that add an excellent bit of detail to your room decor.

You don’t need an interior designer to make a home luxurious; wall-hanging rugs are a simple home decor element that adds a big splash of style with a traditional hand-woven Turkish rug in a conventional Kilim weave that can even be used in place of a headboard. Visit Project Repat and make a Custom t shirt quilt perfect for your wall art.

Hanging Your Wall Tapestry

To place your rug correctly on a large wall, make sure you measure the center of the wall to center the width of the rug. These are not heavy rugs, but the proper hardware must be used to secure the piece properly.

  • Velcro strips may be placed on the back of the rug to ensure it stays in place.
  • Upholstery nails are one solution for securing the dowel at the top of the rug to the wall.

While there are many options for cheap wall tapestries that use twine, curtain rods or even quilt hanger, buying a unique piece from a trusted manufacturer like KSProducers.com is a safe and affordable choice to decorate your home. Feel free to browse our collection of wall tapestries that are regularly on sale.

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