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Walkme: A Leading Mobile App with a Low Monthly Cost

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WalkMe allows businesses to improve user experience through interactive training, automation, and engagement on their website or web application. Visitor behaviour data is captured so that customers can be served up relevant content based on where they are in the conversion funnel. With WalkMe, visitors will find it much easier to find what they are looking for on your website or web application, resulting in fewer bounces and more conversions. In addition, the easy-to-install widget can be added to any website within minutes, making it the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes.

This is software used by companies to track and record what website visitors are doing on their websites. A Walkme code is placed on the website's pages that guides users through the pages they need to view or interact with, making it easier for them. For example, it is important for people who give presentations because it makes it easier for them to read off their slides without glancing away at another computer screen. People also use Walkme when they want their audience to complete an action like clicking on a link or participating in events like polls or surveys. These actions can be tracked so that viewers' behaviour can be analyzed over time.

You can get advanced reports about your customers, eCommerce transactions, ad campaigns, and paid search keywords by tapping into Google Analytics. Walkme does not show ads on their hosted pages, but it is a common practice by web page hosts to place advertisements on the pages where there is a code from third party software like Walkme.

  • Walkme makes money by selling subscription packages to small businesses and enterprises. The versions available are "Essential," "Standard," and "Premium."
  • The most important feature that is only offered in the premium edition of the software is unlimited support from walkme staff through email or chat.

In addition, some advanced features such as multi-page conversion tracking, variable arguments, callbacks, custom events with payloads, fully customizable heatmaps with filters, delayed event firing options,... etc., are only available for premium members.

walkme pricing:

  • The pricing of walkme starts with $2.40-$2.50 user per month.
  • Premium version price starts at $99 per month for 10,000 events tracked and 5-page conversions enabled.
  • Walkme pricing was far less in the previous year and it was stated around $1.75 user per month at that time.
  • WalkMe is also an open-source company, so most of its revenue comes from consulting services rather than software. They charge $1,200-$2,000 per day to help companies implement Walkme into websites that are not yet utilizing the service.
  • WalkMe has raised $11 million in venture capital funding since its founding in 2012. Previous investor Battery Ventures led the round with additional investments coming from Lumia Capital, Point Nine Capital, UpWest Labs, and Emery Capital.

Reasons to choose walkme software.

  • First, it's a good company. They have been around for a while now, and they are pretty reputable. Second, you can easily set up your walkme account by using their step-by-step guides that lead you through the process. Another reason to use walk me is that it's free to start with limited features. Finally, if one wants advanced analytics, they'll need a premium version that starts at $99/month for 10k events and unlimited page views.
  • The price of walkme varies since walkme charges per event are tracked depending on how many events you want to be captured each month.
  • As you can see, walkme pricing is very affordable, and the free option isn't that bad if you want to try it out.

Alternatives are available for walkme software.

  • With Appcues, its goal is to help users navigate your app more effectively. It does this by allowing you to implement simple in-app messages to prompt users. One can encourage users to do many things, from signing up for an account or logging in to checking out a product or taking advantage of a promotion. Appcues can be used on mobile apps, web apps, and IoT devices.
  • Whatfixis a tool that can help you to do everything walkme does and more. They have a great feature set that includes the following:

Onboarding wizards

Guided tours

Feedback buttons

Video tutorials

  • Userlaneworks a little bit differently. The product here is essentially a screen recording tool that you can use to guide users through a process in real-time.

It works by recording the user's activity on the page. Then it replays this to guide them through a process step by step.

So this article will show some critical and vital information about walkme software regarding its pricing, features and alternatives.

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