Wait to buy! Real CBD Hemp, aiming to enter the market

Hemp is an increasingly exciting trend. When the government announces the green light to take advantage of new economic crops, It contains a unique substance called Cannabinoid (CBD), which is found only in the hemp and cannabis plants. Take advantage of CBD to develop products to market.

Difference between Hemp and Marijuana

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana, which are in the same family? The form of the tree is so similar that it may be indistinguishable. They both contain CBD kaufen. But what determines whether the plant is legal or not? THC is the amount of a neurotoxic substance known as THC, which is still classified as a Category 5 drug today.

Therefore, if thinking of cultivating Or entering this business, must understand and select the breeders that are grown according to the law.

Many companies have begun to announce themselves to enter this business gradually. But what to look out for is the Golden Triangle Group Co., Ltd. (Golden Triangle Group Co., Ltd.) or ‘GTG,’ a company that conducts research studies for legal hemp breeders. The THC content in dried inflorescences is not more than 1%, and the CBD content is high to produce a CBD extract with a THC content of not more than 0.2%, which is not considered a legal drug. At present, GTG has been successful. The development and ownership of hemp breeders, Which is named “RAKSA,” ​​provides an average of 15.8% of the total CBD content of dried flowers, which is considered the world’s top hemp seed with high CBD kaufencontent.

GTG is led by Khun Kris or Krit Theerakaosan, a former Investment Banker with over ten years of experience in international business. It has been behind successful projects such as acquiring assets from major European and Australian oil companies such as Shell and bringing in oil companies and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE), the first company. In Asia, that has been successful. He is also a financial advisor in making M&A (Merger & Acquisition) deals for leading companies in the country, such as Bangchak and PTT.

Study for a new business

From experience, Khun Chris had the opportunity to study a new business like Cannabis – Hemp (Cannabis), which is legal and has been very successful in medicine, food, cosmetics, etc., in the country. Canada, the United States, Israel, and Spain generate a lot of business and money. This saw an opportunity to create a Cannabis market in Asia as Thailand has more suitable geography and climate for cultivation than the above countries. Therefore, together with two other partners, Khun Student Sititasa and Mr. Robert Stone, established the Golden Triangle Group Company Limited to study. Research and development on cannabis – hemp in full cooperation with Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (‘CRRU’) to obtain breeders and cultivation methods suitable for Thailand’s climate.

To become the Cannabis Leader in Asia’s Genetic and Cultivation, GTG has acquired strains from world-class experts in strain development and cultivation. GTG is a company with over 30 years of experience like Jaime Carrión (founder of the ‘Resin Seed’ seed bank and one of the first people to start using CBD kaufen for medicinal purposes in Europe) with its strains. Carrión also oversees the project as a Senior Cultivation Director. GTG has also been honored by Mr. Chatchawan Chearavanont, owner of Fortune Magazine, to be the company’s chairman, and Khun Pichai Chunhavachira, the chairman of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited as the company’s chairman. Consultant and Directors of the company as well.


Khun Kris revealed that “GTG has signed a cooperation agreement with Chiang Rai Rajabhat University since 2019 to build a research center to study and develop species. By controlling water, nutrient and air conditions to ensure high quality cannabis-cannabis plants, GTG studied and researched more than 12 cultivars suitable for the climate in Thailand to succeed in breeding development. with an average of 15.8% of CBD in dried flowers, which is considered to be the highest in the world (the international average is about 10%), while having a THC content of less than 1%, which is the first. and the only one in Asia. GTG has also conducted experimental studies on the use of CBD in various products.”

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