Visa Requirements For eVisa For India

Are you looking to visit one of the biggest countries in the world? India is rich in its history, population, culture, and much more. That is why people all over the world visit this beautiful country at least once in their lifetime.

If you are also looking to visit, you should know that you can obtain an eVisa from Natvisa. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Indian Visa Online Application

The process of applying and obtaining the visa has become effortless. You don’t have to wait in long lines at embassies anymore because you can apply from the comfort of your home. That is where Natvisa comes in.

You can fill their online application within five minutes, and they will process your visa. After a few days, you will receive your eVisa for India in the mail. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Let’s talk about the different visas you can obtain.

Indian Tourist eVisa

Most people visit India as tourists, and rightly so. The country is filled with history and culture-rich buildings and forts that are beautiful. The Tourist eVisa has three different validity periods.

That means you can apply for the validity of thirty days, one year, and five years. However, the maximum time you can stay on the one and five-year eVisa is sixty days. Of course, entries are multiple.

Here is what you need to know about this eVisa:

  •         30 Day Validity: $60 to $85 with two entries
  •         One Year Validity: $60 to $100 with multiple entries
  •         Two Year Validity: $60 to $140 with multiple entries

The cost will vary depending on the type of validity you want for your eVisa. You will receive your eVisa via email within a few days of applying.

India Business eVisa

The second type of eVisa you can obtain for India is the Business eVisa. Such a eVisa is for people who want to attend business fairs, conventions, or some business for their company. There is only one type of eVisa that is available for this category.

The Business eVisa has a validity of one year. You have access to multiple entries, and you can stay for a maximum of 180 days on this eVisa. To obtain this eVisa, you will have to show proof of employment or other evidence of what business you will be conducting on your visit.

The cost of this eVisa can vary from $160 to $170. Just make sure you apply once correctly. That is because multiple applications are rejected, and each time you fill out the application, you will have to pay this fee.

India Medical eVisa

As the name suggests, this eVisa is for people that want to visit India for medical purposes. For example, anyone that wants to seek treatment in India for some disease will fall under this category. On this eVisa, you can receive medical evaluation and render other medical services.

The Medical eVisa only has one type of validity. The eVisa is valid for one year with a maximum of three entries and a maximum stay of sixty days at a time. The application cost can be anywhere from $140 to $180. When applying for this eVisa, make sure you have all relevant medical documents in front of you.

That is because the eVisa application will ask you for proof of the reason you are visiting India. Once your visa is reviewed and approved, you will receive it in a few days via email.

Visa On Arrival India

Last but not least, we have the Visa on Arrival for India. That means you can get your visa when you land at the airport of the country. However, the only problem is that India does not provide Visa on Arrival anymore.

They stopped providing these visas because the system was not working for India. There are a few countries that are an exception to this rule. For example, citizens from countries such as UAE, Japan, and South Korea can still obtain a Visa on Arrival.

If you are from one of these countries, you can simply obtain the visa as soon as you land at India’s airport. From there, you will be guided through the process.

Step By Step Application Process

The application for all the visas is simple. First, you have to fill out the application on Natvisa. Once you have filled the application and submitted it, you have to wait for a few working days.

Within a few days, you will get the visa in your mail. You have to print it and keep it safe with your other travel documents. Yes, the process is that simple.

However, you have to ensure that you have all your documents in place while filling out the application. Each application will require you to give different details. Here are a few things you will need for every application:

  •         Passport (should have a validity of six months from the date of arrival)
  •         Photograph of yourself
  •         Details about your travel plans once you reach India
  •         Credit card
  •         Photograph of a page of your personal data

After filling the application, you will have to pay the fees. Once paid, your application will be sent for review to Natvisa. Their experts will ensure that you have filled everything correctly to obtain a visa in no time.

The experts at Natvisa will send your application forward, and you will receive it within a few working days. If your application has some problem, you will be notified through email.

Requirements For eVisa

All you need for a eVisa are your correct details, and some of the things stated above that you need for your application. However, not all countries can obtain this eVisa. If you are from Pakistan, you are not eligible to apply for the Indian eVisa. In the same way, you should always check if your country can obtain the eVisa easily. Besides that, your personal details are all that is required.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to obtaining an Indian eVisa. You can easily apply for the visa you want, and as long as you fill in your details correctly, you will receive the eVisa within no time.

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