Virtual Reality’s Future In The Indian Business Market

Let us pretend you are being pursued by a swarm of blood-sucking vampires. That you are one of the last people on the planet, trying to rescue the human race. What is going on? Your heart is beating, your nerves are twitching, and the tiniest error might cost you your life! But you ultimately escape, save man-kind and are secure with your buddies outside the ‘VR stadium’!

That is the power of virtual reality. You know you are merely passing through, but your mind tells you otherwise. It only takes a single minute to be absorbed by a world that will eternally shatter your head. Having said that, the grounds for the upcoming mainstreaming of virtual reality gaming in the Indian market are as follows:

With the pandemic about to attack the country in 2020 and no other options for amusement, games like cooking diary have gained a lot of popularity. There has been a change in the preference of the viewer for online gaming platforms.

Technological advancements

Given that we are in the fourth industrial revolution, where technology reigns supreme, futuristic technology and experiences are invented, to change the gaming industry. These experiences are already available in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and they must be brought to India. Virtual reality, which may be incredibly immersive, is used in next-generation gaming with games like cooking fever. These are life-like experiences where users interact with their family and friends while playing in a social context (using motion capture technology and proximity sensors).

The VR ecosystem is expanding

We know that a conducive environment to capture and support the promise of VR is emerging, with some of the major industrial companies. It will broaden the VR market beyond gaming to include education and other industries.

Major gaming firms are producing more VR content

If we still have any doubts, we may rely on the leading gaming developers of the world, who have access to a wealth of data and research to assess the extent and expansion of virtual reality gaming. As a result, they are focusing more on developing VR games like my cafe restaurant game and partnering with VR firms to make them compatible with their hardware and software.

The emergence of the experience economy

Indians, particularly millennials and Gen-Z, are drawn to premium experiences rather than items because of the YOLO mentality. They would rather have a heart-pounding, life-like experience with their pals in a simulated setting and feel the adrenaline rush rather than play alone on gadgets or with VR headsets at home. As a result, VR experiences and arcades that fill in the gaps are gaining traction in big centres. It is only a matter of time before they spread across the country, assisting its healthy expansion.

As a result, I believe that the emergence of VR in gaming is inevitable, given the development of a favourable ecosystem, strong growth in gaming, and improving VR technology. With continued support, VR gaming will become the norm in the Indian gaming business and get to games like cooking mania. So, the next time you fantasise about visiting a fantastical planet or transforming into a hero to save humanity, consider VR, because “You can go anywhere and do anything.”

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