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Video Slot Games: The Basics 

If you are new to video slots, then there are a few basic rules that you should be aware of before you start to play these games at Some refer to the structure of the games themselves, whilst others are rules that concern player safety. 

Not All Slots are Built the Same 

Slot games may all look similar because they work on the same principles of symbols spinning on reels, but some slots have 3 reels, others have 5 and Megaways slots have 6. Pay lines differ widely too and you can have anything between 3 to over 100,000 active pay lines. No matter how many pay lines are on offer, the aim of all slot games is the same, and this is to land matching symbols in winning combinations on the gaming platform. Better still is if 3 or more bonus symbols hit the reels because this means that it is bonus time. 

Slot Bonuses Explained 

There has to be a point to playing slots apart from the entertainment factor and bonus rounds are added to slots to give punters something to aim for. Activating a bonus round can seem an achievement these days, especially if you are playing a 6-reel Megaways slot. 

Bonus rounds are why people play slots in the first place, so they need to be worth the wait. Bonuses allow punters some free play on the house courtesy of free spins or free cash picking games and other prizes. These allow players to recoup some of their losses back or they can turn a profit if the bonus round goes particularly well. Apart from some free play, other factors are usually at work during a bonus, and these can include extra multipliers added to winnings or more high paying symbols or wilds being activated to drop on the reels during the free spins. 

Slot Symbols 

All slot games whether it be in the base game or the bonus rounds, contain unique symbols that reflect the theme of the slot. There is always a standout symbol that pays out the best and these can take on many different guises. Along with wilds that can expand, stick, or roam, high-paying symbols are the most sought after on all slot games. 

Player Safety 

The basic rules regarding slots and player safety are mostly common sense and they include betting within your limits. There are various betting ranges available for punters and you should only play with high staking spins if your bankroll allows it. Another basic rule to slots is that you should never chase your losses or bet when angry ,because you are less likely to make measured and balanced decisions in this frame of mind. 

You have to be in it to win it, so look after your bankroll by banking what you win at every opportunity, otherwise, you will find yourself out of the game real first. Set yourself a target and once that has been reached, withdraw your hard-earned cash before it is too late. With these basic principles in mind, you can continue to safely enjoy and continue to learn more about the basics of video slots.

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