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vertical wall plank and Sealant

Installation of vertical wall cladding panels Can be installed to build a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน Can build buildings in many forms, such as always laying the surface This may be a V-groove type, or it is always aligned with the tongue without eyebrows hitting the joint. Or it may be a placement with a stick of eyebrows hitting the joint.

while the horizontal installation of the plank is nailed directly to the batten. But installing the boards vertically requires at least 5/8″ or ¾” (16 or 19) of baseboard or rough timber every 24″ (610) and with a water-based foundation. Volatile in the groove under the plank.

The same with other types of wall paneling. Wall paneling with vertical planks requires rust-free nails, for example. galvanized nails as well as coating the ridge ends of the boards and foundations with wood preservative prior to installation.

always face

  • Tongue-groove type
  • V-groove notch type
  • Shading, leaving spaces.

large sheet

  • Overlay eyebrows
  • Plank style over the eyebrows.
  • Stacked planks.

in the corner of the wall

  • Paint, paint or coat the back of the wall with a primer before installing.
  • Corner panel
  • Notch to drip water at the end of the sheet.
  • The last sheet should be beveled at the end edge and filled with sealing material.
  • Corner trimmer

at the vertical joint

  • The plank is inserted into the tongue to cut the groove.
  • Small head nails fix the board cover. Oblique fastened into the inner pole. For board sizes 8″ (205) and up
  • Embedded in at least 1½” (38) inside the pole.
  • Covered board with spaces.
  • Space 1⁄8″ (3) to allow the wall to expand.
  • Nail to fix the board cover.
  • Overlay eyebrows
  • Eyebrow nail is between the wooden cover.
  • Nail to fix the wooden cover in the middle.
  • Minimum ½” (13) gap.
  • At least ½” (13) spanning distance.
  • A sheet over the eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow nail
  • Nail to fix the board cover.
  • At least ½”(13)

board selection

Wall cladding with other materials is intended to give the building a natural look of the wall. While we can improve the texture of materials to be resistant to weathering, such as aluminum, vinyl (PVC), fiber cement, etc., further information for the intended application and environment should be obtained from the following resources.

  • American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Publication 1402 for aluminum siding.
  • Vinyl Siding Institute’s (VSI) publication on rigid vinyl siding application instructions.
  • National Evaluation Service, Inc. (NES) Report No. NER-405 for cement-fiber products

Stagco plaster

Stagco plaster consists of plaster, fine sand and lime. The home builder company รับสร้างบ้าน uses the method of mixing with water to form a paste. and then plastered on the exterior wall of the building. Plaster is resistant to fire and weather conditions. It can be used for interior walls. as well as ceilings in high humidity areas

Plastering on the wall of the building material

  • Concrete block or block of masonry by screeding the surface of the mortar to make the mortar equal to the surface of the block of material.
  • Two layers of plaster on properly prepared masonry.
  • The structural part of the wall and the wall. should have a strong structure and skin without dream powder Oil or other contaminants that may inhibit water absorption of the wall structure, good surface should be coarse and good water absorption. To help the adhesion of plaster on the surface is good.
  • In case of not sure whether the adhesion is good enough or not. Use a wire mesh to help hold the plaster. Or use a solution to help stretch the island mixed in the plaster.

Plastering over the truss wall

  • Wood/Metal Frame
  • Use stcoco plaster to coat the surface approximately 3 layers on the wire mesh. which adjust the waterproof sheet again for plaster thickness
  • The wire mesh is held in place with nails and is raised from ¼” to 3⁄8″ (6 to 10) to allow the plaster to coat the entire wire mesh surface.
  • waterproof sheet
  • The wall is covered with a wall covering. or not to close If there is no wall covering, the frame can be stretched with 6″ (150) wire to support the waterproofing instead of the wall covering.

Stagco plaster surface

The surface texture of Stagco plaster can be made of many types that provide different surface finishes such as fine and smooth surfaces. rough wrinkled skin wavy skin and gravel surface

  • General surface finish in detail, finishing work by using rubber sheet or carpet rubbed the plaster surface.
  • rough streaked skin Finish the job using a trowel and brush.
  • Wavy skin. Finish the work by using a serrated toothed trowel to stroke the face.
  • Grit Blasting Finish the work by using sandblasting tools or gravel on the surface of the plaster that is not yet very hardened.

Sealant and sealant/waterproof

A good sealant and waterproof sealant must be able to prevent water or air from entering the joint. It is durable and flexible. Penetrating until the toughness can be adhered to the joint wall very well. which can be categorized according to the properties of stretching or shrinking When there is a force to act before it can be damaged as follows

movement at the joint

  • Squeeze in
  • normal
  • stretch

little stretching or shrinking

  • Elongation or contraction + 5%
  • Suitable for grouting small joints. with little retention or shrinkage
  • Contains oil or acrylic solvents. or neoprene

moderate stretching or contraction

  • Elongation or contraction + 5% to + 10%
  • It is a butyl rubber, aquilic or neoprene material.
  • Suitable for sealing joints with fastening devices.

high elongation or contraction

  • Elongation or contraction +12% to +25%
  • It is a captain polymer, polysulfide, polyurethane and silicone material.
  • Suitable for joints that have a lot of movement, such as curtain walls or glass curtains.
  • Before repairing the joint, make sure that the joint surface is clean, dry and compatible with the sealant.
  • Sometimes the joint surface may need to be applied with a primer to increase
  • The backing rod determines the depth of the sealant for better adhesion to the sealant. The rubber rod must be a flexible material that is compatible with the sealer. but must not adhere to the sealant The backing rods may be made of polyethylene, polyurethane, or neoprene/butyl rubber.
  • In the event that there is not enough space for the sealant May be used to prevent them from sticking together. This material is made of polyethylene tape to prevent the sealant from sticking to the bottom of the joint.
  • Sealant is generally a thick paste used in conjunction with a shotgun device and will harden after a period of time. as well as types that are already rigid, such as polybutane or polyisobutylene, which can withstand compressive strength well
  • Material grouting must ensure that the sealant touches and adheres to the joint surface thoroughly.
  • The concave distance of the sealant.
  • All adjacent distances
  • The depth of the sealant.
  • At least ¼” (6) for joints ¼” wide (6).
  • equal to the width of the joint For joints at least ½” (13) wide
  • equal to half of the joint width. For joints width from ½” (13) up but not more than 2″(51)
  • The joint width is Grout width
  • Width from ¼” (6) to 1″ (25) or more, depending on the seam spacing. range of temperature changes movement when there is wind or movement of structures The ability to hold or shrink the sealant

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