Variety of security alarm systems in 2021

There are several principles for categorizing these systems: based on the presence or absence of a centralized security console. The type of sensor used Using wires to arrange and the number of communication lines depends on the transfer method. Security devices can:

  • Wired
  • Wireless

The most common design choice for end-users is wired loops. For a long time, they had no other choice, and although now they are recognized as obsolete. But it has many indisputable advantages. The first is increased reliability based on proper installation and ensuring the integrity of the cables connecting each element. The second is the low cost of parts and assembly work. In general, wired systems are suitable for small rooms or freestanding installations. A prerequisite for the operation of the circuit is to regularly check the condition of the connecting cables. As the name implies in the wireless version instead of wire radio signals are used Broadcast over a dedicated channel or via GSM communication to ensure a connection between the individual components. The advantage of such a system is that no construction and installation work is required.

The disadvantages include a significantly higher price for the equipment used and the attenuation of signals transmitted over long distances. In addition, in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields in the transmission area, it is impossible to guarantee high-quality communication. The best option for organizing a burglar alarm is to create an address system. This method works with both wired and wireless options. The working principle of address transmission is to assign a unique identification number to each sensor. Thus, the panel can determine precisely which detectors are alerted. The main advantages of positioners are the ability to connect all sensors to a single communication line and the low cost of installation. On the other hand, devices for such circuits are slightly more expensive than conventional circuits the best choice for protecting large and medium-sized objects. When choosing a security alarm system it is necessary to focus on the technical characteristics of the premises, the manufacturer, and the financial capabilities of the premises owner. It is best to entrust the installation and maintenance of the system to a certified organization that has been audited in the proper direction.

Automatic alarm system

Because the signal transmission between any circuit elements happened without human intervention any signal transmission theoretically, it can be called automatic. Today, intelligent complexes with a significantly higher degree of automation are being developed. It is extremely important to have a self-test option. Such possibilities can be applied to addressable devices and for that work, Optional software is required above the hardware component.

Additionally, a programmable system has the following capabilities: which is not purely hardware-based:

  • Combining individual circuits into a single complex
  • Different access rights for each operator
  • Creating a complex situation of equipment operation

No matter how modern security alarms are it is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of false triggering and the inconvenience associated with it. However, due to the possibility of a comprehensive analysis of the factors affecting sensors, currently, this probability can be reduced. This can help you cut down on response costs. (Visit the scene) and further maintenance of the system. As well as creating the most comfortable working conditions for operators. There is a security system of foreign and domestic production in the market. The most successful development is the Orion system developed by Bold NVP. This complex has a friendly and easy-to-use interface various customizable functions and the ability to configure it for specific purposes. All documents presented on this website are for informational purposes only and cannot be used as guidelines and normative documents. Uninvited guest rising crime rate the threat of vandalism and other illegal activities all require homeowners to protect their homes.

The best solution – the alarm system of in the house, in practice and even video surveillance cameras outdoor easiest or camcorder model, it reduces the risk that a person is not allowed to enter the territory; However, the object can be made. It is secured by an integrated system that not only integrates video surveillance equipment but also the gas sensor flame detector fire extinguisher and fire safety elements. When deciding on the type of system It is necessary to take into account the specifics of the object. Increasing numbers of people are realising the value of installing an alarm system in their house. Click here to find out a wide selection of options.

Home burglar alarm system application

A country cottage or a private house differs not only from apartments but only in terms of location and design but also far from neighbors in a multi-story building; Theft will be more noticeable because neighbors can call law enforcement. And this does not include electromagnetic locks at the entrances and video intercom entrances which reduces the risk of wrongdoing. Private housing is deprived of such assistance therefore it is necessary to Organization of automatic security alarms which should be selected based on a number of properties of a specific object:

  • The total area of ​​​​the house and adjacent territory
  • Number of inputs and outputs
  • The distance from the nearest neighbor and the service area of ​​the private security company
  • Home configuration: balconies, terraces, loggias;
  • The presence of the site and the buildings on it
  • All this makes unauthorized entry easier and requires more attention to set up an alarm system for safe home living.

Home burglar alarm structure

It is an integrated system consisting of a set of different protection methods depending on the communication channel and connected to the loop. The system consists of sensors. Alarm Control Panel (SCP) and Executive Equipment. The sensor controls some parameters: opening a door or window movement in certain areas, broken glass, unauthorized access to the area, etc. when triggered. The presence sensor sends the information to the control panel.

Reference: The main types of sensors respond to three parameters – opening, movement, fracture.

The former is characterized by a magnetic contact principle of operation and is mounted on doors and windows, which reacts little to vibration

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