Use of a proxy server

If you want to protect your data and at the same time visit many sites, then you simply cannot do without a proxy server. It is a kind of intermediary that separates you from the site you are visiting. You can buy it at a bargain price here Discover new possibilities.

A proxy is a special piece of equipment that spoofs your IP address.

They are required to work on various services. For example, you send users a huge amount of information on social networks or distribute a link mass, then, most likely, you will be banned or, in other words, blocked.

Under what circumstances can a proxy server be used?

You may need a proxy server in the following cases:

-in order to ensure confidentiality, sites will not know exactly who visited their resource;

-if you want to increase the level of security;

– to speed up access to some resources on the Internet;

-If necessary, get access to blocked sites.

The proxy server spoofs your real address, providing you with additional protection.

The main types of proxy servers

There are several types of proxy servers for solving various kinds of tasks:

-transparent servers, such a server does not hide information, it will tell you that it is a proxy server, and also tell you your real IP address. This type of server is very often used in schools and other institutions; similarly, the pirate bay mirror is also used for a safe access.

-anonymous proxy server, does not transmit personal data to clients, but also reports that it is a proxy server;

-proxy server that transmits incorrect information about the client;

-private very often change the ah pi address, give out fake data.

You can also highlight:

• The most common types of servers are HTTP proxies. It is often used for web browsers. They can save downloaded files, and later download them from the cache, thereby reducing the use of traffic;

• HTTPS server, the same as the previous one, only with encryption;

• Socks servers are considered the most secure, protects user data, makes his visit completely anonymous.

Benefits of using proxy servers

You will only benefit from using a proxy server. Here are the benefits you will get:

-the ability to filter available resources;

– the work of the Internet is significantly accelerated;

-data is easily compressed;

-confidentiality and complete security.

Moreover, there are many free proxy servers, and there are paid ones. Free proxy servers will be available not only to you, which means that they are not so safe. The same cannot be said about paid servers. Such a server will only belong to you, which means you don’t have to worry about anything else. Even PS4’s sometimes require proxies too. Read more on EarthWeb

Benefits of using private proxies:

  • Access to blocked resources in a specific country.
  • Access to sites with established connection limits.
  • Increasing the speed of connection with foreign Internet resources.
  • You work alone.

To get personal proxies, contact the proxy provider service and get more information. They will select the required option for you, and you will be able to get involved in work without bans and locks.

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