UPDF – Top Features of UPDF Free PDF Editor

If you are considering downloading UPDF – the Best and Free PDF editor, you might be wondering what it is capable of. This article will cover the basics, including how to edit PDF files, add markups to PDFs, and manage the pages of PDF files. This app is available for Windows and Mac devices. Besides, it will soon release the iOS and Android versions.

Annotate PDF File (for Free)

Another useful feature of annotations is the ability to add references on the spot. Annotating PDF documents allows researchers to include significant studies without having to go back and search for them. This is especially handy for researchers who need to track the progress of research studies. It is also easy to add a reference to a PDF that you’ve created. Annotation is a great way to collaborate on a PDF with others.

With UPDF, you can annotate PDF files easily:

  • You can highlight the texts in PDF documents. You can change the color of the highlight texts easily. You can also strikethrough the text, add underline to text, and add squirely line to the text. You can also remove the highlight from PDF.
  • You can add comments to PDF. For example, you can add sticky notes, text boxes, and typewriter to PDF documents.
  • You can draw lines, shapes, arrows, callout etc. to a PDF document with UPDF.

All the commenting tools in UPDF is free, and please feel free to use it.

Edit PDF for Free

Although you may have heard that you can edit PDF files, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you will need to manually edit PDFs to fix a flaw. Luckily, there are a few ways to do this without spending a fortune. While editing PDF files isn’t rocket science, you will need some software in order to accomplish your task. You can choose from free, basic, or robust options, depending on your needs and budget. For example, you can edit and change font in Adobe Acrobat, but you have to pay a lot for it. On the other hand, if you choose UPDF, you don’t need to pay a penny as it is a real free PDF editor.

With UPDF, you can make changes to the:

  • Text: change the words, font, font size, alignment, color and other styles of text in PDF
  • Image: rotate, cut, copy, extract, replace images in PDF

Read PDF and Add Bookmarks

UPDF is a light-weight PDF reader and you can read PDF document, PDF books easily. It opens large PDF file quickly. There are 4 reading modes:

  • Single Page View
  • Two Page View
  • Scrolling
  • Two Page Scrolling

You can also add bookmarks to PDF for better reading experience. You can navigate the PDF document easily.

Manage PDF Pages in PDF

When dealing with PDF document, it is important to manage and rearrange PDF pages. If you want to rotate a PDF page, you can click the “Left” “Right” option and change the orientation of PDF. If you want to extract a page from PDF, you simply choose the extract option under the page management tools.

UPDF will add more page management tools, such as you can insert pages in PDF and reorder pages in PDF.

Conclusion: In a word, UPDF is the best PDF editing software for Mac and Windows. If you are looking for a tool to help you change the text and images in PDF, UPDF is your best choice. There are many online PDF tools such as iLovePDF editor, but when you are using this tool, you will find that it only lets you add text to PDF, but not edit the existing text on PDF. UPDF can help you add text to PDF and edit text in PDF.

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