Types of bikinis: How can you choose according to your body in 2022?

We already know that whatever your character type is when it comes to choosing the swimsuit you want, we can all look great. Beauty is nature and if you have it … you will definitely feel great! Follow this guide for bikini types and how to choose the best ones for your body.

In the winter we counted the days of rising temperatures and finally enjoyed the sun. And once we have it, it’s important to enjoy it! What day is it in the pool? Let’s go! But first we need a new swimsuit! What is your favorite swimsuit?

If you want to buy the perfect bikini, the first thing you need to know is your body and improve your strength to get the most out of it. What should you consider? First, try to choose a model that leaves as little marks on the skin as possible. Alternatively, choose trendy patterns, one-color or full-area prints according to the color of your skin and consider the following parts of your body that you will play with a novelty full of fashion patterns. .

How to choose a bikini according to your body?

Your chest

When choosing a bikini or a full swimsuit, it is important to pay attention to your chest.

Big breasts: The perfect option to make you feel very comfortable is a bikini with a tight top, bra or a unique V-neck. In your case, it is better to avoid triangles and bet on matte colors, intense red and avoid pastel tones. Take the test!

Middle chest: You are in the middle of choosing what is most comfortable! You can choose between a triangular top because it will give you a very nice neckline like a bikini swimsuits with full details.

Small breasts: If you have small breasts, you can choose – without a doubt – a model with a heart neckline and print. If you want originality when wearing, you can also opt for the design with ruffled fringes, braids or ruffles at the top. Are beautiful!

Prints can also help you create a visual game that will improve your chest, shoulders and hips so you look great. Also bet on wider straps or a halter type to add dimension to your upper body. 

Your hips

Do not hide your thighs, use them to frame your sensational body. Keep in mind that certain shapes and colors can play us optically and emphasize them.

If you have a lot of hips or wide hips, wear a bikini bottom in black tones and without a pattern, it will draw attention to your upper body. To create the opposite effect and highlight your butt, you can choose a bikini or swimsuit with straps on the sides or ruffles to highlight the area, or playful prints in fluorescent or bright colors. High waist tights are highly recommended for you. 

Your love

In general, a distinctive waist leads to highlighted curves that allow us to play around with design and color. If, on the other hand, you have a more elaborate abdomen, then wear a two-piece bikini with a higher lower part, a high waist or a one-piece swimsuit with a reinforced fabric. If you feel that there is no passport, then play with the swimsuit optically with accessories such as bows, ruffles and fringe.

Your length

From a Kameymall design point of view, one-piece swimsuits or bikinis with high-waisted trousers are always recommended for short girls, because it is an automatic styling and lengthens the legs. Choose soft and smooth colors and avoid prints. Now, if you love them and don’t say no! Choose simple and small graphics. If you are high, the chances of wearing a two-piece swimsuit are very high. Definitely yes!

Your skin

According to your skin:

  • White leather: Choose colors like turquoise blue, olive green or light pink and avoid white bikinis.
  • Ski Blending: Bet on prints, flowers, stripes and bright colors. You can feel the look!
  • Brown skin: Dry white, with fluorescent colors or eye-catching. 8 types of wool 

Bikinis For You


We love these models! The suggestive, yet elegant, bandeau bikini has an upper similar to a regular bra, but the straps that wrap around the neck can be removed to create a feeling of breast augmentation, which is very comfortable.


One of the girl’s favorites! Classic triangular bikinis are great for girls with small breasts or for those with wide backs, because the width of the shoulders is optically reduced.


Beautiful bikini with high impact. Let’s say the front is well covered, but the back is narrower, so it’s good to show your curves.

Style In Halter

This type of bikini is unique: the upper part is triangular in shape, but in the middle it is sewn to provide extra breast support, and it has straps on the back that highlight the area and give it more cushioning. They are very comfortable, sexy and practical.


Wider swimsuits have a comfortable T-shirt shape at the top, with which you can hide problems related to the chest or abdomen.


An ultra-sexy variant that combines the comfort of an entire swimsuit and the look of a bikini.


The upper part of the dumbbell model has a closed neck and a rectangular or square neckline to highlight the breasts. Ask your arms, back and shoulders. This is the perfect way to pay attention to your body and shoulders. In the case of low women, it is highly recommended because it stylizes the figure and achieves a stylish dream.


If you love the sporty style, watch out for full-fledged sports models with a wide elastic shoulder strap and a V-neck on the back.

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