Try These 7 Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Picture toe-curling sex accompanied with queefing and multiple orgasms. As you age, your sex life plummets, and the desire to restore your romping youthful years is greater than ever. Reading a romance novel, watching porn with your partner, and exotic resort trips are not sufficient to rekindle the spark. At Integrated Family Medical Center, Dr. Desai offers innovative and holistic methods that have proven efficacy in spicing up your sex life.

Wonderful sex has a plethora of benefits to both your body and mind. Getting frisky with your spouse is proven to improve your mood. The following tips help you get the groove on with your partner.

1. Talk with your partner

As cliché as it sounds, communication is key. Candid conversations with your partner help you understand your fantasies and what works for both of you. You can make the conversation less inquisitive by writing on cards your erogenous zones and describing various sex positions.

What your partner chooses from the cards is what you should transform into a romping reality.

2. Lower your stress

Stress is a defensive mechanism the body conjures against inflammation and general fatigue. Winding down from the busy day you’ve had before meeting your partner sets you in the ideal mood for a steamy night. Normalize taking walks or partaking in a sporting activity after work.

3. Schedule a hormone therapy appointment

The endocrine system influences sex quality. Fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels in your body inhibits an optimal sex experience. Hormone therapy restores hormonal balance in your body. Well-balanced hormones heighten responses to sexual stimulation from your partner for amazing sex.

4. Try vaginal revitalization

Vaginal walls loosen, and it is a common menopausal symptom. Childbirth, too, stretches the walls and degrades the inner lining of your vagina. However, vaginal revitalization restores elasticity to your vaginal walls. The improved vaginal lining also converges the damaged nerve endings, which enhances stimulation.

5. See a sex therapist

The thought may sound scary, but sex therapy is more than a shrink blaming your deteriorating sex life on some past childhood trauma. Dr. Desai recognizes sex therapy and women’s health as a different ball game. The specialist determines the cause of low sex drive and tailors a remedy that works for you.

6. Try FDA approved supplements

Body supplements are a substitute for sour-tasting aphrodisiacs. However, you should buy only cleared supplements as some may pose risks to your overall health. Consult a doctor before purchasing supplements.

7. Plan that romantic getaway

Couples that have the best sex have at least one or two sexapades in a year. A romantic trip does not have to be in an exotic location. An ideal trip is where you and your partner connect without mobile phones and email distractions. Remember to make it a surprise.


The path to regaining your steamy sex life is a challenging one. Dr. Desai and her team of specialists offer the best women’s health services to make the process easier. Integrated Family Medical providers are the experts you can trust for all women’s health needs.

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