Troubleshooting tips for Philips shaver charger not working

Philips is one of the internationally renowned manufacturers of grooming products, often topping the lists of the best electric shavers available in the market. If you are looking for an electric shaver that reliably contours to the shape of your face for a close shave, only a few can come close to the expertise of Philips shavers. It also has an extensive after-sales service network that can get your product repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage.

That said, if your electric shaver is not charging, there are certain troubleshooting tips that you can try to fix your Philips shaver charger at home before taking it to the repair centre. Continue reading for troubleshooting advice to solve this issue yourself.

Troubleshooting tips for issues with Philips shaver chargers

1. Shaver is not plugged in

Improper connections can go unnoticed until you go to unplug the shaver to use it and it shows no battery. Make sure that the charging cable is correctly connected to the shaver and the other end is plugged into a working electric socket. For non-rechargeable Philips shavers, make sure that the specifications of the outlet match those mentioned in the manual.

2. You are using an incompatible Philips shaver charger

For the best results, make sure that you are using the original Philips shaver charger to recharge your electric shaver. If the original was damaged for some reason, you can find out which charger is compatible with your product by visiting an online shaver spares shop.

3. Check if energy saving mode is on

Some of the newer Philips shaver models come with an energy-saving mode that automatically turns off the charging process to save energy after the shaver is completely charged. You will see an indicator light blinking that turns off automatically after 15 to 30 mins depending on the model. To check if this is the case, unplug the charging cable and plug it back again.

4. Shaver was not charged for a long time

To prevent damage to the batteries, your Philips shaver will charge very slowly when you attempt to recharge it after a very long time. You may even notice that the charging light does not come on for the first couple of hours. This instance is usually nothing to worry about, as you simply need to wait for a few hours and check the recharge status after a couple of hours.

5. SmartClean system was not placed properly

When using the SmartClean system for recharging your shaver, make sure that you read the instruction manual very carefully and follow the steps mentioned. You should see the battery indicator flashing on the charger that indicates the product is charging. Make sure the contact are clean on both the back of the shaver and also within the cleaning station.

When having trouble operating your Philips shaver charger, try the tips mentioned above to check if you can fix the issue at home. For broken or damaged parts that can be replaced, you can order spare parts from a reliable online store and attempt to fix them yourself. If none of these fixes work, get in touch with a repair store at the earliest.

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