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Top Ways to Rank Your Shopify Store Higher  (user)

Shopify offers lucrative profits for its owners when they follow the right path. By right path, it means properly channelizing all SEO features, with well-knit strategies, this in result offers excellent SEO. How? It is with Shopify’s great SEO features like editable title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, image alt tags, etc., which help in overall popularity. We will list down some of the most effective ways to rank your Shopify store higher. Also, you can either follow them or take the help of Shopify SEO experts to make things easier.

Install The SSL Certificate

Starting with protection, i.e., the SSL (secure socket layer) certificate, which ensures the security of a website. The HTTPS:// is important for greater SEO performance. Google ranks SSL sites to a higher position; even browsers won’t pop up or show a “non-secure website” warning while opening. This can increase not only conversion rates but also increases bounce rates. As every eCommerce website should have it, Shopify has it built into their system. However, if you are migrating from non-secure HTTP URLs to newer and secure ones, then it is mandatory to proceed on with care. Before moving from a different provider to Shopify, carefully read Google’s guidelines about security or take the help of an SEO expert.

Make Your Shopify Store Load Lightning Fast

Google also ranks websites higher in search engine results based on their loading speed. Thus, speed is an important factor here. Shopify here is quite limited in this factor, as you can choose other servers, hosts, or template specifications. But to counter that, you can apply other ways to increase the speed, like compressing images with Tiny PNG or Compress IO before uploading.  You can also decrease the usage of apps or the usage of additional custom code. You can neglect using different kinds of fonts or use web-safe fonts for better loading. Implement the usage of Accelerated Mobile Pages on your pages so that it loads faster on mobile devices as well.

Optimise Your Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the type of text or description that is shown on the search results page. They need to be propelling and convincing enough so that they appeal to Google bots and real people so that they get attracted and click on the link.  The CTR (click-through rate) is important for your page to get proper rankings. Some websites grab’s user’s attention with taglines like “free returns” and some attract with “free shipping”, while some utilize both.

Optimize your URLs

It is heavily advised to keep your URLs cleaner and simpler, as they are important for user experience. Many times, even if the page’s title gets it, the URL still justifies what the page is all about. Keywords also must be included in the URL, as it determines the ranking factor as well. Below are the tips to optimize SEO properly:

  • Try to keep the URLs simple and readable
  • Keeping URLs short and sweet is a must
  • URLs should be closely tied to the page title.
  • Avoid using stop words (e.g., “no”, “up”, “to”, “of”).
  • Never overfill with keywords

Descriptive Anchor Text

The anchor text should be descriptive as it tells Google or any other equivalent search engines what the page is all about. It is very crucial to hypertext only over the related keyword but not over the action that you desire from the customers to make.  Keywords like “Buy deodorant” talk more about your page than “click here to buy deodorant” to search engines. Thus, be concise and descriptive so that bots recognize your page adequately.


If you correctly follow all of the above-mentioned steps, be rest assured to have a blooming jump in your search rankings.

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