Top Tips To Make Documentation Easy

No office in the world works without a lot of documentation. Documentation is an integral part of all businesses and offices. Perfect documentation makes work a lot easier and smooth. Every employee should know how to create an ideal document that is legible and easy to process. The article includes tips for making documentation handling easy at your workplace.

  • Start with a good work suite or space product.

It would be best if you had a licensed workspace or suite for your office. The most popular ones are MS Office, WPS Office, and now Google Documentations like Sheets, Slides, Docs, and many more. A word processor is essential for handling all the reports, a spreadsheet program is necessary for analyzing numerical data, a presentation program is vital for creating presentations, and many more. These programs have inbuilt features that make your job easy. 

  • Use PDFs for more reliability.

PDFs are the most reliable and trustworthy document formats. Convert your final Word file, PPTX, or convert XLSX to PDF to make the file perfect. A PDF file is portable, which means it does not mess up the content if shared across various platforms. You can use online PDF tools like PDFSimpli to perform tasks like PDF editing, splitting, merging, or even converting Excel to PDF

  • Play with graphics and tables.

Visuals are always more appealing in a document, be it a report or presentation. Ensure your file has enough tabular data, diagrams, and charts to make the documentation more attractive. Do not put in useless images; only put in relatable and informational graphics. The information represented using graphs and tables should not be placed in textual form in reports and presentations. 

  • Make formatting attractive.

It would help if you did the formatting of the document in an easily readable way. Make all the headings large enough but in a chronology of top to bottom descending size. The manuscript should have uniformity in font, size, indentation, and others. The subheadings should fall under the correct headings using the right size and font. 

  • Always have the proper outline.

The correct outline and draft can make your document better. If a copy is enormous, you should have a proper outline and index to make it easily graspable. A strategy can make you prepare the document easily. 


A good document can make a lasting impression on your colleagues and seniors. Follow these easy steps to make your documents perfect.

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