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2020 was a turbulent year for most of us, with plenty of businesses right across the world experiencing a seemingly unending amount of disruption and challenges that have continued to roll on into the new year so far.

However, one industry that went almost the complete opposite way was gaming. The world of video games was already one of the fastest growing and most exciting industries prior to all the excitement 2020 brought with it, but the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and subsequent lockdowns around the world resulted in the double pivot of everyone being at home with more time on their hands and the accessibility of virtual entertainment really bringing the appeal of gaming to the forefront of everyone’s attention.

According to the likes of Business Insider and Forbes, the video game industry is now worth more than the music and film worlds put together, and the community of competitively playing games for a living (known in the industry as ‘Esports’) has become a billion dollar plus scene over the course of the year.

It’s the dream of every gamer out there to turn their passions and love for their respective titles into cold hard cash and a career, and the explosion of Esports as an industry has enabled just that.

Sites such as Unikrn have helped lead the charge as Esports has continued to blossom, and there are a whole host of ways gamers are able to turn their skills and passions into money by using the various features it has innovated. Here are some of the best ways to begin making money at

Esports Betting

Unikrn are the industry’s leading experts when it comes to betting and wagering on Esports. Esports betting is very similar to real world sports alternatives, but there are some key distinctions that do separate them out. houses betting markets on every single game out there, with every single tournament, event or competition available for users to flex their knowledge and place wagers on. As with real world sports betting, there’s the option of choosing between outright season betting on events such as tournament winners (as well as some Esports specific markets such as the amount of maps/rounds played, how many kills a certain team or player will make etc.), and live in play odds that are updated by the house to the minute as the action unfolds.

Unikrn’s markets come with livestreams embedded straight onto the site, meaning that users can bet on and watch their favourite games all in one place.

Another innovation on the site is its virtual betting mode.

Wholly unique to Unikrn, the site’s virtual betting platform allows users to jump in and select their favourite game to begin wagering on. Instead of presenting them with an ongoing or upcoming event however, the site will begin playing a certain round from a tournament in the past and players must choose who they think will win. It’s a unique mode and one that has only been able to come about through Unikrn’s continued innovation in the industry and the accessibility Esports gives to its fans.


Whilst on the subjects of combining making money and innovation, Unikrn are also home to the world’s first virtual player vs. house skill gaming platform that lets you bet on yourself playing games. Utilising a patented blockchain-powered backend, UMode synchs up to a user’s personal playing profile and, once a game has been selected, will present the user with a collection of challenges they must complete in their next official match.

These challenges can range from something as simple as just winning the match, to more game-specific and intricate options such as planting the most amount of bombs in CS:GO, for example. This obviously allows for a huge amount of customising and freedom for players, but the player vs. house model eliminates the risk of sharks, hustlers or any other unfair advantages that tend to arise from traditional player vs. player forms of wagering.

Moneymatches are one of the most popular forms of informal wagers players take on between themselves, however these tend to lack the structure and control that UMode offers them.

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