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Top Tips for a Home Office That Will Wow Clients

Even if you work from home, there may be opportunities for your clients to visit your office. In this day and age, they might also get a peek of it over your shoulder on a conference call too. Therefore, you should make sure that your office delivers the best impression of your business possible. Here are some of our top tips for ensuring that you have a home office that will always wow your clients.

Sort Your Filing System

You need to make sure that you have good storage in place, along with the right filing system, so that everything can be packed away properly. One of the fastest ways for things to become cluttered is if you have piles of paper everywhere. It can also be incredibly difficult for you to operate your business like this, as it could mean that you are unable to track down important documentation when you need it.

Work out a filing system that you like, and make sure that you have the storage to support it. This does not always mean that you need a row of filing cabinets – you could manage to arrange things nicely on a shelf with the help of the right box files. Play around and see what works for you!

Add a Touch of Luxury

A little hint of luxury could be the perfect addition to a home office, and could give it that wow factor that you are searching for. Everything from silk lampshades to the right desk and executive chair, even a high end desk lamp, a baroque photo frame or a standout piece of decorative wall art will help to create a stunning workspace that will impress clients and motivate you in your work work.

Choose items that are both luxurious and practical. Home offices tend to be in small rooms, so you might have limited space to work with. Adding in a few high-end but practical pieces of furniture is a great way to elevate this small room.

Think About Your Background

If you are going to be on a video call with someone, make sure you think about what your background looks like. Are you just going to be up against a window, or a blank wall? While this will be good for keeping a focus on you during the meeting, it can be a little boring.

One of the best options will always be a bookcase. Choose a sturdy unit that fits with the rest of your décor and then fill it with books and other items that you might need to run the business. If you do choose to go for books, arranging them in rainbow order can be eye-catching and can put something a little interesting over your shoulders.

Creating a home office that wows is easier than you might think. Pick out some items that are practical and eye-catching, and work with the space that you have to create a functional space. You will soon have an office ready to wow any client who comes to visit!

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