Top power companies in Singapore

Many countries such as Singapore which have invested too much in sources of energy have deregulation, which means that the people who live and work there have the power to choose which energy company they want to use. The good news is that people in Singapore feel that energy companies are competing with them and offering big deals and promotions. If someone wants to move or just wants to change the supplier, finding a new electric company is a difficult process that requires several considerations. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when researching for the top power companies in Singapore.


This is the company that has been known to be in business for a period of not less than 15 years. Throughout this period, SEMBCORP POWER has supplied powers to both small and big enterprises in Singapore. This company is known to offer a customized solution to their clients which are sustainable in the long run. They are known to provide their clients with energy ranging from gas, solar, water and other renewable sources of energy. SEMBCORP POWER is a key player in the field of energy. It has positioned itself strategically ready to perform a huge transition from non-renewable to the renewable source to ensure that their client is getting maximum service.


This is a company that is known to provide utility services to its people. They remain committed to their clients because they understand the effectiveness of quality service. PowerAssets a company that serves people throughout Singapore. It is known to perform the following services to it client:

-online bill payment

-meter reading

-gas distribution services

-power automation



Tuas Power Supply is the arm of Tuas Power Generation which is known to retail electricity to the residents of Singapore. This is a company that was incorporated in the year 2000 and is known to supply their energy to various consumers ranging from domestic supply to industrial supply. With Tuas Power Supply being supported by the leading power company such as Tuas Power Generation Pte Ltd, it is able to offer a wide variety of competitive packages to its customers in the liberalized market in Singapore. This is a company that is fully devoted to meet their customers demand as well as providing them with quality services


This is a homegrown company in Singapore and it is known to provide services such as demand response to it clients, as well as providing advisory services to its customers. It is a legal company because it is registered under National Electricity Market of Singapore and therefore, you don’t need to worry if you entrust them with the services of lighting up your home.


Since most people focus on money when looking for a new energy company, important details such as a contract,are often overlooked. However, most good money-related publications come at an additional cost. It is also important to note that the contract is fixed for a term or variable, and if so, impose a penalty for an early change of company. While changing companies may not be a problem for some, careful selection makes it more difficult.

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