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7 Key Lighting Trends Homeowners Should Take Note of in 2022

Lighting fixtures are a key component of your home decor which bears a huge influence on how every other element in the room looks. 

Whether you are decorating your brand new home or refashioning an old one, the latest lighting trends are here to give you a fresh perspective. 

Modern-day lighting fixtures are anything but boring. They are elegant, quirky, dramatic and highly functional. 

If that’s the kind of lights you are looking for your home, take a look at the top lighting trends we are discussing below. You are up for a stunning treat. 

Here you go. 

1. Industrial Designs Continue to Rule

The design world seems to be in love with the industrial theme for the past few years. The love affair continues this year too. What’s new though is the fact that the designs are minimalistic and sleek. 

Along with the favorite matt black finish, we are seeing increased use of pastel colors. The modern industrial designs are so elegant that you can use them as living room chandeliers as well as for the dining area. 

2. Vintage Designs are Back in Trend 

Vintage designs are back in trend to add a touch of old-world charm to your home. Extensive use of wood, elegantly crafted metalwork, rustic finish, and warm yellow lights perfectly create a romantic atmosphere. 

You can pair a vintage styled chandelier with a few modern pendant lights and wall sconces to accentuate the entire visual appeal. 

3. Wall Lights Dawn a Stylish Look 

Gone are the days of boring wall lights. It’s time to deck your walls with wall lights that are oozing with sophistication. We have seen a lot of experimentation in the material used, shapes and overall appeal of the wall lights. 

You can install wall lights in the living room, bedroom, bar, or dining room to not only create a pleasant ambience but also enhance the decor of the room.

4. Clear Designs Render an Artistic Touch 

Complicated and cluttered designs are now a thing of the past. What’s trending now is clean lines and clear designs. Lighting fixtures are becoming almost like a piece of art that adds a distinct character to the beauty of the entire room. 

If you want to use this style in your home, you need to think out of the box and choose designs that complement the entire look. You may opt for the starburst design which is quite popular these days. 

Have these lighting trends gotten you excited? Wait till you see the other lighting trends we have lined up for you. Take a look at this infographic by Claxy Lighting which gives you a brief overview of the top 7 lighting trends in 2022. 

Once you have gathered enough ideas, go ahead and incorporate these designs into your home to usher in positivity and glamor. 

Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year

Image Courtesy: Claxy.com

Author Bio: Shagufa Sheikh

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