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Top Features of Quintrex 420 Renegade Side Console

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The 420 Renegade Side Console is a fisherman's dreamboat, and don't let its small size deceive you; with its wide beam, it can comfortably transport your friends and all of your fishing gear. The 420 Renegade gives the quintessential fishing experience with its creative new design.

The 420 Side Console has the same amenities as the 420 Tiller Steer above, plus a side console, navigation lights, bilge pump, and battery switch. You'll be the envy of your friends if you add a bow mount electric motor and a fishfinder.

In this article, let's talk about the Quintrex 420 Renegade SC, and all its features.

About Quintrex 420 Renegade Side Console

This 420 Renegade, which features the Blade hull, is Australia's indisputable best-selling aluminum boat. It's the best-riding, highest-performing, and softest-riding 4.2m boat available! The 420 side console, which spans 4.68m overall with a 2.12m beam and is rated at 60hp, is well prepared to accommodate five people in comfort.

The dash and windscreen are on the starboard side of the side console helm arrangement. In your 440, the 50-liter underfloor fuel tank will provide enough time to explore the estuaries, impoundments, rivers, and inshore reefs. The 440, like all the Renegades in the Quintrex Renegades line, makes excellent use of the Blade hull, which provides the smoothest and most dry ride of any aluminum boat.

The 440 comes complete with smooth sides, 3.0mm top and bottom sides, a wide rear casting platform and tackle storage, a piped live bait tank, side pockets, a marine battery and isolation switch, four-rod holders, two pedestal seats, and four-seat positions.

Features of Quintrex 420 Renegade Side Console

Quintrex's 420 Renegade is the company's newest model, and it's already a fan favorite among anglers, earning the moniker of "perfect no-fuss fishing vessel." The 420 is the smallest model in the new Renegade lineup, including the 440, 460, 490, and 520.

Don't be deceived by this fishing machine's size. With a beam of 2.06m, the 420 Renegade has a surprising amount of internal capacity and can transport up to four passengers as well as all of your fishing gear.

Some of the Optional Features of Quintrex 420 Renegade SC are- 

  • Quintrex Alloy trailer
  • Minn Kota RT55 Powerdrive – 54′ shaft (601600)
  • Thruster bracket bow mount
  • Underfloor seat sprig got in casting platform
  • Sealed timber floors
  • Painted hull with stripes
  • NSW Boat & Trailer registration
  • NSW Inshore safety kit

With carpeted casting platforms, fold-down pedestal seats, and 360-degree fish ability, this beamy and stable boat offers everything you need for a successful fishing trip. With a 3.00mm plate looking bottom sides and topsides and a 30-50hp rating, you'll be impressed at how versatile this fishing machine is, while the robust plates provide safety. According to Cameron Wood, national Quintrex account manager, Quintrex focuses on supplying customers with top-of-the-line elementary fishing boats.


This Renegade additionally includes navigation lights and white light, and a Quintrex braking aluminum trailer. It's a driveway bundle that'll get you noticed and transforms you into an overnight fishing sensation.

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