Top Data Entry Companies in the Philippines – 2021

Businesses are anticipating to the data entry Philippines outsourcing agencies in Philippines to manage their online data collection or paperwork. By acquiring assistance from experts, you’ll notice the rise in the productivity of your own firm. The professionals from data entry services within the Philippines specialise in elevating your profitability and permitting you to sustain within the market.

Now, we will be discussing some of the top data entry companies in Philippines:

1. Flatworld Philippines

Flatworld is the leading name in Philippines that has been providing data entry services. This organization ensures flawless data entry tasks performed by experienced team. Right from the simple tasks to the most complicated ones, the team of Flatworld makes use of their in-depth knowledge and understanding of data entry operations. The organization is experienced in rendering their services to the healthcare sector, mortgage, customs sector, etc.

The 24/7 operations system enables Flatworld team to get the task done overnight, without consideration of where their clients are located.

2. Asia Telecom

Asia Telecom is another well-known name in Asia and holds license to work in Taiwan and Singapore. Its support service and business process centres located in Indonesia and Philippines. The BPO business section of Asia Telecom began the operations in data entry services as fettered operations for the parent company. As recent trends clearly indicate that BPOs are becoming increasingly beneficial for all types of businesses, Asia Telecom is determined to enhance the quality and quantity of their services.

3. MicroSourcing

The field of data entry services in Philippines is well-dominated by MicroSourcing, which is an outsourcing solutions agency that enables the clients to have the most dedicated team to handle the complicated data entry tasks. They help their clients to reduce the labour costs, find specialist skills and enhance operational efficiencies by outsourcing tasks and services to the Philippines.

4. The Virtual BPO Call Centre

The Virtual BPO Call Centre rules the market of data entry services with the widest range of outbound services. The basic services include lead generation, sales, fundraising, marketing research, appointment setting, telemarketing, and collections. Services like customer service, order taking, sales, help desk, and technical support are also provided according to the necessity of the clients.

5. MySource Solutions

MySource keeps faith in simple and realistic approach to the virtual assistant requirements of the consumers through a fanatical team of skilled professionals. Their work approach comprises of the clients’ resource and management oversight, insuring the prosperous integration of the team.

6. Next Level

Next Level is the data entry service provider that ensures flawless service for the clients. Actually, they are well-known for the tele-calling service. They assist medium and small sized organizations by delivering unbeatable call centre services at an economical cost.

7. Executive Boutique

EB or Executive Boutique is one of the most popular outsourcing agencies who are dedicated in serving the companies that need reasonably-priced services. EB has experienced call centre agents for the functions of telemarketing and generation of leads.

8. Virtual Workforce Professionals

Virtual Workforce Professionals is another name in data entry services in Philippines that is known to be credible. Being the highest rated and reliable online company in the Philippines, Virtual Workforce Professionals provides customer service, telesales, telemarketing, administrative support jobs and any sort of virtual assistance services.

9. Amicorp Outsourcing Service

Professional data entry experts at Amicorp understand the value of outsourcing. They provide a global reach; resources and expertise to assist you decide on the proper outsourcing solution to make sure that your business gains the competitive perks it deserves. Their services include the widest range of accounting and financial, legal and compliance solutions.

10. EastWest BPO

EastWest BPO began their journey as a VOIP telecom organization. The thought of expanding into BPO services brought them to the field of data entry services. They were forced to possess an office space to show out. Their business turned out to be something great.
After years of experience, these data entry companies in Philippines can promptly gather imperative data for you and assist you to create marketing strategies to target at the market. Hence, outsourcing from experts quite enhances the standard of your services and maintains the market value of your organization.

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