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Top Blind Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in a house, but also the dirtiest and where the most odors are created. That can make it difficult to choose the blinds for the kitchen. We spend a lot of time there and therefore, in addition to being a functional place, it must be a place where we feel comfortable.

The best blinds for the kitchen

In this comfort comes the fact of having good decoration in the kitchen, but without forgetting that a kitchen is also a place where ease of cleaning is essential. One way to decorate the kitchen and add functionality with easy cleaning is to use kitchen blinds.

In this publication, we are going to talk about them, their benefits, and how to choose the best blinds for the kitchen.

What are blinds

Before deciding on our kitchen blinds, we are going to tell you a little about how they are made and their benefits.

Blinds are fine fabrics that look like net curtains that dim or soften the passage of light from the window, but their fabric is not as delicate as that of traditional net curtains or curtains. They are normally made of a technical fabric made of glass fibers and PVC, which makes it very easy to clean and does not retain dust or odors.

There are also vertical blinds that roll up vertically, so you can regulate the entry of light or leave it completely rolled up in a very practical and compact way.

They can become one of the best tricks to decorate a kitchen, at the same time that we provide it with greater functionality and comfort.

Choosing blinds for the kitchen

To choose the best blinds for the kitchen we have to take into account some aspects, they will be exposed to elements such as smoke or odors inside the kitchen. In addition, they have to combine with the rest of the kitchen decoration. Taking these details into account, let’s see what factors are important for this choice.

Cleaning. The blinds will be exposed to a multitude of elements such as smoke, vapors, odors, stains, etc. You have to notice that cleaning is going to be easy for it to be a good element for the kitchen. Opt for screen blinds, which you can clean with a damp cloth and a little soap. Another interesting option is the fabric blinds since you can wash them in the washing machine.

The colors. This field is relative since the personal taste of each one comes into play. But in this sense, we must bear in mind that the kitchen is a space that requires a lot of light. It is never necessary to leave it in the dark, so opting for colors that reduce that lighting would not be the best idea for a room such as a kitchen. . Choose pastel or neutral tones, that way, they won’t get dirty as easily as whites do.

The opening of light. Normally screen blinds, which are the ones we recommend for the kitchen, usually range from an opening of 1% to 5%. We recommend the maximum opening possible since the kitchen is a place that does not require privacy or darkness.

Other considerations

Avoid translucent blinds since their fabric can be more difficult to clean, and as we say, the screen fabric is the most appropriate for the kitchen. You can look at our publications on roller blinds, screen blinds, and fabric blinds. You can find more information about these blinds and how suitable they can be to give your kitchen greater functionality and decoration.

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