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Top 9 Indoor Plants That Are Good for Your Health

Plants can be a great idea for home decor. But some of them are not only visually beautiful, but also healthy. Learn about some of them and understand how to make taking care of them as easy as playing at 22bet casino live or cooking your favorite meal.


This beautiful plant, made up of many purple flowers, fills the home with a pleasant fragrance. It helps to relieve stress and relax. That’s why this fragrance has become so popular in spa and skincare products. Lavender also helps with insomnia and anxiety.

This plant likes plenty of sunlight, so it’s best to place the pot by the window on the south side of the room. It should be watered abundantly. And to understand when it’s necessary to do this, pay attention to the soil in the pot: if it’s almost dry, it’s time.


The first advantage of this plant is that it’s easy to grow. Moreover, the fern can increase the humidity in the room. And this is good for our skin and breathing, especially during the cold season.

The fern feels great in bright rooms without direct sunlight. And the soil for it should be moist.

English Ivy

This plant is often used for exterior home decor. But if you start growing it inside, you can feel the indoor air becoming cleaner. According to Allergy and Air magazine, English ivy is especially good at absorbing mold in the air, which is good for people who struggle with allergies to it.

Put the pot with the plant on a windowsill so it gets plenty of sunlight and the soil is slightly dry. These are ideal conditions for English ivy to take root in your home and provide health benefits.


Not only can this beautiful ornamental plant make you happy for many years, but it can also absorb harmful substances from the air. For example, it does a great job with xylene and benzene, components of paint thinner and other chemicals.

Keep in mind that this plant needs a moderate amount of sunlight and not too much water.

Fringed Dracaena

Growing a dracaena is a great idea if your home has high ceilings. It can grow up to four meters tall. The plant effectively removes harmful substances from the air. For example, xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, which can be released by paint and varnish materials, as well as tobacco smoke and plastic products.

The best place for a dracaena is to choose a spot where it will be exposed to soft, diffused light. And water it when you notice that the soil in the pot has become dry.


Aloe is a useful plant that is often used in grooming cosmetics. And when you grow it at home, it’s just as useful.

First, the juice from a cut aloe leaf is good for healing burns and inflammation on the skin. And second, it fights formaldehyde in the air.

Growing aloe is not difficult. It needs a place on a windowsill under bright sunlight and watering just once every two to three weeks.


This plant is easy to grow as it requires little: watering as soon as the soil in the pot dries out and diffuses light. It’s great for small apartments and rooms, as it likes narrow spaces.

Sansevieria is great for purifying indoor air and releasing lots of oxygen. According to a 1986 NASA study, this plant was listed as a plant that removes toxins from the air.


Basil grown in a window gives a pleasant aroma to the whole room. It contains linalool, which is often used in aromatherapy. This compound has a calming effect. All it takes to achieve it is to inhale the fragrance of basil leaves for a few minutes.

Basil likes light and heat. For it, you need to choose soil with drainage, water regularly and sprinkle.


Chlorophytum cleans the air well from harmful substances contained in household items such as paint, rubber and furniture polish. It’s also great for humidifying the air.

Chlorophytum needs to be watered twice a week and once in winter. But it’s undemanding to the light. You can put the pot both at the window and in the shade. But if there is a lot of light in the room, the chlorophytum will look more lush due to the wider leaves.

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