Top 6 things to know before taking painkillers

We all have the only solution to get rid of pain anywhere in the body part are pain relievers. When doctors recommend any pain-relieving drugs, it’s essential to know whether they are safe for you. There are so many reasons that trigger the issues in your body. It leaves a destructive impact that is quite dangerous for the body. Many of you became dependent on painkillers and got addicted to this. Here in this blog, we are going to share what is precise should be known to everyone. Take a look

Don’t take it too many

The wrong thing we do to our body is taking pain relievers too much. Excessive dosage is harmful to our body. If you take more than one medications, then double check and make sure you are not taking the same active ingredients. Many of you might have been suffering from cold and flu, and these medications contain paracetamol and pain relievers also have some amount of paracetamol then taking too much paracetamol cause liver damage because it creates the buildup of the drug in the body.

Read the instruction carefully

People who don’t read the instructions carefully do the worst thing because taking paracetamol on empty stomach is safe, but medicine for anti-inflammatory medicines must be taken after food. It reduces the stomach’s irritation, which is the main reason for indigestion, heartburn and nausea. Read the instructions carefully and never go to non-prescribed drugs.

Keep in mind about the last dosage

Mostly in pain, we don’t know even and take an extra dose of painkillers. It is not safe because you all should know when you took the last dose. Never miscalculate the dose. When you take overdose, then it happens with the body to not metabolize effectively. Paracetamol and ibuprofen can be taken together, but it’s essential that you have noted down the last dose to avoid frustration. If we talk about paracetamol, only two 500 mg tablets are taken every four to six hours, and ibuprofen can be taken three times in a day with the eight hours difference.

Taking pain killers regularly

Well, off and on pain, relievers’ intake is enough but don’t put yourself at risk by taking regularly. Are you one of those who take pain killers almost daily? Make sure you people are using this for a maximum of three days because taking this regularly because addiction and stop taking it may trigger so many other health issues. Never try this by yourself and follow the recommended dose. Don’t make yourself used to of this because it won’t be healthy at all.

Taking as per someone else prescription

If you haven’t prescribed medicine for yourself and taking it as per someone else prescription. Do you know how much it is harmful to health? There would be so many other ingredients that can be dangerous. When it interacts with other medicine, then don’t take it because it is not for you. There are so many painkillers prescribed for joint pain and shouldn’t be given to angina patients, so it’s very important not to take medicine prescribed to someone else.

It increases the chances of heroin addiction

There are so many medicines with mild opiate because it is of the same class as other drugs. Few pills make you more sleepy and slow recreation. If you people are into drugs such as marijuana addiction, cocaine, and other drugs, avoid using the painkillers because it would negatively impact your health. It’s difficult for a drug addict to deal with such drugs with even minor amounts of heroin or cocaine.

How to take painkillers safely?

Read out the labels

It’s essential to read the label and see the compound because few drug interactions may damage it. If it’s challenging to read, use a magnifying glass but give it a time to read, either you are taking the right medication.

Tell your doctor about your medical history

Don’t forget to tell your doctor about other medications you are taking, along with pain relievers. Explain your medical history and avoid relying on medical records because this is possible that there is some information that is missed out.

Follow the right directions

Whatever medicine you take, make sure you are taking in per right direction. Don’t take it early and take it as per dose. Always adjust the dose as per time. If you don’t find it useful, then ask the doctor they may adjust the dose accordingly.

Start medication journal

Taking painkillers for a long time may have given you some side effects and trigger chronic pain disease. It’s the best time to start a medication journal and rate your experience of taking medicines, doses, and times of day, the food you eat and anything else. Journal would help you keep a record in the future to tell your physician how your overall experience was? Share this with your doctor why and when you have started.

Find out about side effects

When you start taking drugs, then make sure you have already known about their side effects. Many of you may feel headache and nausea. If you are feeling this on a high level, then stop using any medications and rush to the doctor. It would help if you will extra care about side effects because your body is not used to this.

See pharmacy error

It is possible that you have taken the wrong medicine from the pharmacy they may accidently give you the wrong drug and wrong dose. Whatever you take should be confirmed about that.

These are the few things that everyone should know about taking pain killers. These medicines side effects might be temporary or permanent. Ask everything in detailed with your doctor and tell them about the dose you have been taking and when you took the last dose? If you ever taken the drug incorrectly then this also should be told to physicians. 

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