Top 6 Hiking Trails in Turkey to Make Your Tour Complete

Turkey is such a magnificent tourist spot that will make you stay for a few more weeks. If you are on vacation in Turkey, taking a hiking tour in some of Turkey’s most popular hiking trails will sound perfect. 

Before you go on a hiking trip, make sure to bring all the necessary hiking essentials to have a safe tour and follow the proper walking planner from Visorando. Pack your hiking backpack with dry food, water, safety gear, proper outfits, camping essentials (if you want to stay), etc. Plus, consider having the backpack light to ensure a convenient trip.

And this article will give you the most popular trails’ details in Turkey to make your trip a memorable one. Continue to get the desired hiking trail on your bucket list if you are ready to visit Turkey recently. 

The Lycian Trail: When you are up for hiking in Turkey, don’t forget to keep the Lycian trail on the top list. It’s one of the most popular and beautiful hiking ways that trekkers prefer for solo and group hiking activities.

The hiking trail gets started from the Tekke Peninsula, and the 509km long route will drive you straight to Antalya. You have to start your hiking from Fethiye, with magnificent views all around. 

You will get some beautiful camping sites in your hiking trail, such as Patara Beach, historic ruins of Olympus, etc., to enjoy the scenic views all along.

Cappadocia: When the name Turkey pops up in your mind, you must visualize all those giant and colourful balloons with great views around. Yes, you do know Cappadocia. It’s one of the most remarkable hiking trails in Turkey that you shouldn’t miss. 

Apart from that, Cappadocia is rich in historical sights. Don’t forget to turn your trail to Love Valleys, Red and Rose Valleys, etc. There, you will see rock formations, churches, and other famous sightseeing.

The Kaçkar Trail: It’s a great combination of mountains and paths, located in the heart of the Black Sea region. You wouldn’t feel tired to reach thousands of hiking tracks because of the breathtaking views, mainly compared to Switzerland. 

The wildflowers, local people or sheepherders with flocks, and the surrounding nature will make you stay for a while and be grateful for this beautiful moment.

St. Paul Trail: This 500km long hiking trail will take near to a month to complete. But the entire hiking adventure will introduce you to the most significant historical sights from the ancient period. St. Paul himself first started the trail via Asia Minor.

Besides, natural scenic views with rural villages will make your hiking experience a lot better.

The Taurus Trail: the Taurus Mountains will give you the perfect Rocky Mountains’ vibe with canyons and deep valleys. Plus, you will meet natural lakes with the most beautiful scenario around the hiking trail. 

Take your time to encounter all those breathtaking hiking trails in Turkey at least once. 

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