Top 5 Stationary Examples to Inspire Your Business Brand 

From a small business house to an established business, companies need stationery. This stationery must be of high-quality design. Although they are considered a fundamental collateral asset, they add a touch of gratitude to your brand image. A stationery design communicates your brand’s existence and crafts a detailed image in front of collaborators, customers, and employees. From business envelopes to invitation cards, stationery has become a constant in every business house. 

There are several reasons one must be true to branding. Be creative enough to take your stationery design to the next level. Here are some examples to inspire your business brand and elevate your level. 

Matteo Belgeri 

A luxuriously designed indigo blue with gold embroidery. The maker of this stationery, Matteo Belgeri has designed a stylish gift. He has developed a topographical experience instead of randomly pressing the business logo. This stationery design facilitates personal branding with intricate designs. 

St. Du Pont Gold Lighter

When it comes to stationery and gifts, you won’t appreciate a lighter. But, the st du Pont gold lighter, embossed adequately with a gold frame, is a popular gift among business houses. Lighters are an excellent gift to keep up with personal relations with your employees and customers. 

Ji & Chang

This is fancy stationery that involves embellishments of a mirrored monogram. This is a business monogram having a lettermark in gold. The colors chosen for the design are pretty corporate. The choice of colors is playful, which makes the palette very unusually designed. 

Gong Vo

Gong Vo’s stationery idea delves deeper into the title’s literal meaning. Gong Vo is a specialised notebook company whose logo is inspired by Drosera, an insect-eating plant. The resemblance might be crooked, but the way people capture ideas and notes with a hunting tool, a pen, makes it seems like the notebook is hungry. The color palette is bright and rich, focusing on navy blue, red, and white space hues. The picture presented is symmetric and is a pleasure to the eye. 

Bookstore Branding 

This Russian bookstore thought about its customers and created more than standard stationery. This bookstore gives more space and is not only for internal use. They produce bookmarks, gift cards, stickers, stamp cards, etc. Everything is available in an affordable way. 

Cabrera Advocacia

It is an explicit example of a creative law firm binding. Who would not like to see agreements and legal notices explicitly packed in a kraft paper envelope? This fetches no particularity among the branding materials. It is meant for a business lawyer’s personal use. They have the most common and essential stationery items. Also, they help immediately remember the law firm’s brand and name. 

Bottom Line

When thinking of business stationery, you must picture envelopes or white letterheads with the company logo printed. The recent business trends show unique and innovative stationery. This is more than a communicative process, a means of exchanging and contacting information and communication. The above examples make it clear that business is not boring. 

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